Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Got an early Twilight: New Moon surprise

This is a post script of sorts to the previous post. Just had a meeting with Mr. Wilson Yuloque of Pioneer Films, the distributor of Twilight Saga: New Moon here in the Philippines. I told him that there's a cardboard Edward in Megamall and that girls are lining up to have a photo with him. It's pathetic but look who had a fun time with it! (Oops, bad hair day!)Mr. Yuloque found that hilarious. I guess it's hard to believe that Rob is such hot property these days that he nearly got run over by a taxi as he was fleeing crazed fans recently. Anyway, Mr. Yuloque said he just came back from Cannes and was at a party with none other than R-Pattz himself. He told me that:
  • Robert Patterson is very tall (cardboard Edward is not life-size), very funny, very polite, very clean and smells really nice. So to that rumor that the guy doesn't shower and is filthy, well, it's not true!
  • In the whole of Asia, Filipinos are most crazy about Twilight. Yup, it's the Philippines, not Japan, that is Twilight's biggest Asian market. The franchise--book and film--is making crazy millions upon millions (of dollars!) from us Filipinos.
  • There are only 50 original film posters currently available in the Philippines and OK! magazine now owns one!
Outfit is a Bench tank top, a Kate Torralba skirt,
black platform pumps, and a brass-and-turquoise
ox skull pendant I bought from Benjie Angeles.

Lana, our Managing Editor and the Twilighter in OK!, is absolutely in love with the poster.

Me? I'm in love with my shoes. They're Delicious from Anthem at the Power Plant. They're 5 inches high and just utterly comfortable. I think I'll wear them all week. Oh, end of the week is when my beauty giveaway ends. Make sure you join!


  1. Great outfit, especially those hot shoes!

  2. i read all 4 books. love them. i like 1 and 4 the most, 2 and 3 are okay.

  3. I like the shoes! Indeed they're hot!

  4. JEALOUS!!!!!! but i dunno if i'm strong enough to take a photo with cardboard edward...

  5. hi! are those shoes really comfy? im on the look out for new shoes. would that still be available in anthem? last time i checked puro gladiator shoes eh =(

  6. You are so lucky for getting a poster! Weeee! And I never doubted that he smells great (though admittedly he doesn't look that clean, LOL.)! :)

  7. Thanks, WendyB and Glaiza!

    Savvy Mode, I like Book 1. That's it! =D

    Crickette, you're silly! =) Cardboard Edward won't, er, bite!

    Anonymous, oh these shoes are old. I bought them two years ago. They're comfy because my feet have very high arches so it's actually more painful for me to be in flats.

    Austenfan, ya, I'm sure he smells great. He has love scenes and he's surrounded by screaming females... he has to at least spray on cologne!

    TwistedHalo, practice lang yan. And dapat high ang arches ng paa!

  8. Who'd notice the hair with those killer shoes? I love your shoes! :) Oh and... I'm also a Twerd. Can't wait for New Moon the movie.

  9. Hi there! Great shoes. I think the front cushion helps a lot.

  10. D-C, yes, those shoes!

    TaniV, every girl I know wants to see New Moon. It's Jacob, I think, that's driving them crazy.

    Kat, there's no cushion. I've just been wearing heels since I was 12! Heels are more comfy for me =)


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