Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wine Night with the girls

Joanne, Kat, me, Nicole, Nikki and Jimboy

My uber chic and smart and fabulous friends Nicole, Kat and Nikki and I convene every month or so for a night of cheese, crackers and bottles of wine. We don't drink as much as we talk; that's why Vince calls it Whine Night.

Nicole and I love cheese with fruit and crackers
with a cold glass of white wine

Nicole and Nikki ham it up. I can't explain the silly pose.
It's a private joke!

Nikki just got engaged and we're all very excited for her. Kat just got herself a boyfriend and we're just as thrilled for her. Nicole and I, well, we're both happily married ladies so, seriously, it's not whine night!

Wine Night isn't exclusively for us four, however. Sometimes, we swell to about 10 people--we just draw up a chair for anyone who wants to join the conversation. One time, a palm reader came along and told me there are three children in my future. Another time, this incredibly self-obsessed person joined us and all he talked about was how great he is. It's always entertaining and, funnily enough, despite the bottles that we empty, we never get drunk.

We're planning a shopping trip to Bangkok, just us ladies. It will definitely be loads of fun and I'll have a ton of fantastic photos for you! I'm really hoping the trip pushes through soon!


  1. Wine nights with the girls are always fun. To get together with your closest friends and share a night of drinks and chit chat can bring such alleviation from a days stressful work.

  2. Mwahahaha, yes sometimes it can be "whine" night but most of the time, it's really just happy weng-weng night haha! Can't wait for the next one, and BKK too! Post photos na!:)

  3. Hi Frances! What a great girls night out! Oh and it's nice to hear that Nikki is already engaged. A lot of single ladies seem to find their Mr. Right nowadays. I wonder what's in the water?

    Regards to the OK! crew and BTW, thanks for adding me up on Facebook.

  4. Miss.Friendz, yes, I'm so grateful for nights out with the girls. I love my man but sometimes I just want to talk about shoes and dresses and love, without a man's opinion!

    Kat!! Have fun in Turkey! And yes, let's plan BKK soonest!

    Glaiza, nothing's in the water. Love happens every day!

  5. Yey! You guys had tons of fun. Girls night is always fun. And cute outfits you guys are sporting. You're all such fashionistas.

  6. Kat, Nikki and Nic are the true fashionistas. Me? Only when I've run out of jeans and tees!


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