Thursday, June 11, 2009

Johnny vs Rob

One of my favorite mags is Vanity Fair and they just launched an online poll called, "Who Is The Most Handsome Man In The World?"

Obviously, it's Johnny Depp!

But in the poll--as I type--Robert Pattinson is leading with a whopping 102,291 votes while my dear Johnny has 15,572. People, the question is who is most handsome not who has the most unwashed hair.

Johnny is the coolest, sexiest, smartest, handsomest man ever! Well, he's a step below Vince Sales, of course, but no one on earth can topple my man off the top of that list. I mean, really, it's unfair to even put Vince on that list because the hubby is the bestest of the best ever!

But back to the poll. Pleeeease do me a favor and vote for Johnny Depp (not Brad, George, David, Leonardo, Hugh, Clive, et al!). I want Johnny to win! Help!

*photos from Vanity Fair's website


  1. Johnny has to win! For sure.

    I mailed your necklaces yesterday x

  2. hi Frances! i agree with you, Johnny Depp wins for me! there is absolutely no comparison. i love my Johnny! he is fabulous! i wanted to say thank you so much for your sweet birthday wish. thank you! have a fabulous day!

    God Bless,

  3. Aw you are so loyal! but you are right he is very hot!

  4. There was a time that J Depp looked like he hasn't showered for a looong time. I agree he's a dreamboat but my vote is on Georgie.

  5. Neighbor have you seen this?

    It's adorable! (Both the kids and Johnny Depp's reaction.)

  6. Frances, you are so funny! I like the humour! :-p

  7. I never thought this would happen but...Johnny Depp is getting old. I didn't like Twilight (worst movie I've ever seen) but Robert Pattinson is ridiculously attractive.

  8. D-C! Thanks for the necklaces! I am so super excited and can't wait.

    Mich, ya, George is hot, too. I prefer him to his best buddy Brad. Brad looks smelly.

    NY Minute, thanks for the link. Johnny looked so precious!

    Paperface, you're right actually. Rob's the new idol, I guess. And Zac Efron is too pretty. And young!

    Miky, you spelled Johnny's name wrong! =D


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