Thursday, June 03, 2010

Got a haircut

First, let me establish that I love coloring my hair. That's me in October 2009, the last time I had a color job done at Louis Phillip Kee in Greenhills.

When I was a young girl, I absolutely adored supermodel Linda Evangelista because every time I saw her in magazines, she'd have a different hair color. My Mama was the same. In her family, you see, white hair appears really early so she colored her hair in various shades of brown and burgundy all the time. She was gorgeous!

So when I started sprouting white hair when I was 15, I begged for color. My parents allowed me to do so on my 18th birthday and I've colored my hair ever since! I've been blue black, mahogany, blonde, chocolate, chestnut, strawberry, magenta... The only colors I haven't been are green, pink, platinum and purple!

So my chief agony all the time I've been pregnant is I have been forbidden to color my hair! I've been complaining complaining complaining nonstop about my roots. While other mom-to-be's are happily busy with shopping for bottles and baby clothes or worrying about their health and asking around for medical insurance quotes or even maybe exercising and taking Lamaze classes, I've been obsessing over my roots.

I'm normally not a whiny girl but these past few months, I've been whining about it constantly. My OBG and my hubby refuse to be moved by my whining, however. They are adamant: You CANNOT color your hair!!! So after agonizing over recent photos like this...

... I went to a salon and had most of my hair chopped off! I now look like this:

I actually wanted a Carey Mulligan crop so that all the colored hair will have disappeared but the hairstylist said gently, "You're hormonal. Let's do this gradually." So we agreed that I'll drop by every month for a trim so that by the time I give birth, I'd only have an inch or two of blonde tips.

Argh, il est vraiment horrible! I swear that my first beauty act after giving birth is a complete hair color--deep magenta with strawberry red highlights and mahogany lowlights!


  1. Pareho tayo premature gray hair. :) Ako naman at age 16. Pero in my family, it's just me. When I researched the meaning of my real name (Tahnia) it means "silver-haired". O di ba...

  2. I love your new haircut! I needed a haircut myself! Have to book myself na!! :) Can't wait to see you!

  3. Short hair is the coolest! :P Love the long dress. :)

  4. ayy, i look exactly like you pre-haircut -- half black and half-brown hair! it's gotten so bad that at a party, someone asked me in bewilderment, 'whatever happened to your hair?' i'm not pregnant but i just wanna grow out the color na. i've also been coloring my hair for years and all the coloring + rebonding has really been taking its toll. plus, i can't stand the quarterly root touch-ups, hence my decision to go back to my roots... literally.

    i love your blog, btw. i always used to see your comments on chuvaness and daphne's blogs. now i'm a reader of yours as well :)

  5. You look gorgeous. And I heart you for saying you got your first gray as a teenager. Makes me feel SLIGHTLY better about getting them now (though I still don't want them!)

  6. i noticed that you got a haircut that day! i almost said it but i was too shy to say haha
    tapos di na ko nakasingit sa dami ng kwentos on the side hehe

    you look great! konti lang ang nakaka carry ng iba ibang hairstyles. lucky lucky you!

  7. Hi Frances! I had a similar problem while I was pregnant. I was born with unruly and buhaghag hair so getting my hair straightened is something I really do every year. But since my pregnancy came as a surprise, I wasn't able to get my hair prepared and had to deal with daily bad hair days for almost 10 months!!! :(

  8. Very chic maternity look ;) Makes us look back with regret at the HORROR that was early 2000 pregnancy dressing. Hahahaha!


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