Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Meet the winners of this blog's Facebook page raffle!

There are benefits to reading this blog, people. Most say they get entertained, some say they are moved and cry, while others get to win prizes! Now, if you're a fan of Topaz Horizon's Facebook page, then you know I held a raffle for the first 150 likers. These were the prizes:
Kenneth Cole overnight bag

Body Shop Sweet Lemon line

NARS eye shadow and lip pencil

Tani Villamora won the bag. Very lucky girl! I said on the FB wall that it was a Kenneth Cole Reaction; it's actually a Kenneth Cole New York.

Kristine Dianne Millet won the Body Shop loot. She was super delighted!

Mina Gonzales-Politte won the NARS stuff but since she's based in the US (and I specified that the winners have to personally claim their prizes from me), she graciously said that the next name on the list can have her prize.
So Bea B. Panti-Gonzales won the makeup by default. However, she hasn't claimed her prize and I really have become too busy now to go meet her so I don't know what to do.

I met up with these beautiful ladies in Red Mango at Greenbelt 3 so that I can get to meet my readers. I chose the yogurt place because I've heard about how yummy the froyo there is and I wanted something healthy so I wouldn't need a Lipofuze after I give birth!

Anyway, it was so nice that we hit it off immediately, like we'd known each other for years! Well, they have an advantage since they've been reading my blog so I will confess that I felt a little shy to meet them. If you're a regular reader, you'd know I'm a bit of an anti-social most times. But I must say Tani and Tin made me feel so comfy that we were soon sharing stories--from heartbreaks to Brazilian wax!

Congratulations, Tani and Tin! Thanks for reading my blog and for making the time to meet up with silly old me. Enjoy your prizes!


  1. You are a delight to be with Frances :) Thank you for sharing your blessings to your readers :)

    much love,


  2. congratulations to all the winners....

    kakainggit naman nameet ka na nila..hehehe :)

  3. parang i know kristine, i think she was one of the models during the BDJ launch. hehe tama, i modeled with her during the show :)

    i'm so inggit :-s i want to meet you din Frances! haha :D

  4. Congratulations to the winners, and you're generous as ever, F. But with or without a prize, I'll be happy to meet you again one of these days. =)

  5. Hello Ms. Frances! I just recently stumbled upon your blog. I read OK and interned for Summit before (just this summer). I was assigned sa library and I saw you and some of your staff borrowing things from the lib. It's nice that you maintain a blog. Parang *humanizing*. haha. OMG. Do I sound such a fangirl ba? Sorry! I really like the way you write! I backread your posts and I can only dream of joining the UP Baguio Writers Workshop! I keep telling myself, sometime honey, sometime!

    Anyway, I'm blabbing. I will link you up ha? More power to your blog! :)


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