Thursday, June 24, 2010

Super fun weekend at Sofitel

Okay, the real official name is "football" but in these parts, if you say football, Filipinos think you mean American football so for the benefit of those who don't know any better (ehehe), we will use the term "soccer."

Vince and I spent the long Independence Day weekend at Hotel Sofitel with the Sales family to watch World Cup. That's Vince pretending he's being chased by a giant soccer ball! Cute, cute, cute.

Well, at least that was the plan. But when we sank into the famous Sofitel MyBed, soccer was the last thing on our minds. This king-sized bed is just so huge and soft and comfy, you just fall asleep! It's like the best bed I've ever slept in. Ever! In fact, Vince just slept and slept and slept. And we found out that you can actually buy the special lining of that bed but that it was out of stock but as soon as it's available, we are definitely getting one!

This is me in the spacious bathroom and I caught a Peeping Vince! Naughty Vince!

We love the bathroom--towels were fluffy, shower was huge, and there were luxe bath products from L'Occitane for our use. Love it!

We also love that each room has its own balcony and that the views of the bay and the city skyline were cool. Too bad it was raining that weekend so we didn't get to see the famous Manila Bay sunset. 

That didn't stop the kids from enjoying the pool, though! Doesn't that look so inviting? I didn't take a dip; people might think I'm a whale! When I told this reason to Vince's niece, she looked at me and with all her 9-year-old wisdom gently said, "Auntie Frances, you're not fat; you're pregnant."

Sweet girl! Well, if we ate at Spiral's amazing buffet every day, we'd need some apidexin coupons to lose weight! I didn't take a lot of photos (hungry! hungry! hungry!) but we started with...
... all sorts of sushi and ended with a bevy of yummy desserts.

If you had eaten at Spiral, you'd know those two photos above do it great injustice. There were sooo many food stations--Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mediterranean food. The grill station was groaning with sizzling meat. The seafood station was piled high with huge mussels, prawns, oysters. And here's Vince again at the dessert buffet with chocolate soccer mascot sculptures behind him!

Oh, what a lovely weekend! We're definitely doing that again. If only it wasn't so expensive! We can't stop thanking Mom and Dad for the Sofitel treat. Now we have to start saving for another weekend there!

Outfit details: I'm wearing a silk jersey Diane Von Furstenberg ladybug dress, Vince, a t-shirt.


  1. ang kulet ni Mr. Vince!!!

    at ang cute po ng dress nyo na may print na ladybug!!!

  2. Lovely weekend, Frances! I agree that Sofitel has the BEST bed ever. I stayed there for a company event, and I woke up super late 2 days in a row. Sarap matulog!!! If I may ask, how much will the lining cost? I always tell my BF that's my dream bed! =D Baka sakaling he gets the clue. =P

  3. The humongous foot ball is cute! I wanna take a photo din! It sure looks like a fun weekend :) And I wish all hotels commissioned L'Occitane for their bathroom stash. So far sila palang and Shang Boracay :(

  4. I love all things ladybug, so needless to say I fell in love with your dress! Would it be okay to ask which shop carries this item?


  5. Elsa, haha cute talaga! Thanks!

    NeuroChiq, diba??? Grabe that bed! Let me ask my sister-in-law about the bed and I'll PM you.

    Teeyah, go to Sofitel! The ball will be there all of World Cup season!

    Lauduree, it's a Diane Von Furstenberg ladybug dress from her S/S '07 collection. Try eBay because this is no longer for sale anywhere!

  6. Oohh! :) I will be there in July. Thanks for the heads up, F! :)

  7. Cute naman! Vince's picture with the huge soccer ball. :) Haay... Spirals buffet...
    I love L'occitane verbena! I bring home yan mga shampooo, conditioners, lotion, shower gel sa hotels... hehe... L'occitane verbena din yun sa Dusit Thani Manila. :)

  8. i totally agree for the sofitel bed! my frenchy hubby and i went home for vacation and we spent a couple of nights at sofitel and he told me that he had the best sleep of his life there! he even removed the bedsheets just to see what brand it was before we checked out! :)


    ps: i really loooove your blog. makes me feel closer to home! keep on posting :)

  9. Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay also has L'Occitane bath products. When we went there last Feb 15, they also gave us L'Oreal loot bag with 4 products for couple. nice din. :)

    But I love that giant World Cup Football!! I want a photo w/ the ball too! It's 7am now and I am trying to wake my hubby up to show this to him. Yayain ko sha sa Sofitel! :)

    Kel Chan

  10. Fabfemme, haha, my hubby did the same thing--looked under the sheets to find out the bed's amazing secret!


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