Saturday, June 19, 2010

Men don't like skinny girls

Ladies, if you're looking for some ravenous male attention then maybe you want to hold off on those quick weight loss diets because I now truly believe men like their women fleshy. Let me tell you something that's really been bothering me lately. Stay with me, okay, because I have a long wind up to my main point.

I've been skinny my entire life. I like it that way--my body's light and I can fit into anything and I can wear low-cut dresses or mini skirts without worrying about looking too sexy. I will also confess that I have never heard a wolf whistle directed at me. Ever. I know that's because I have no breasts, no hips, no booty so I look like a pre-teen or, if my hair's cut very short, I look like a boy even.

So imagine my shock these days! I walk to work and almost every day, I get a wolf whistle, a "Hi sexy!", a lewd comment now and then, and I get to even stop traffic. I'm not saying that to show off, people. I am honestly enraged!!! I am pregnant, for heaven's sake!!! Perverts abound and they give me the creeps.

Being pregnant, I've put on 20 lbs, and my body has definitely filled out. So I understand that the new curves are grabbing male attention. But I'm also sporting a huge tummy. With a child in it. I don't understand why men will find this body interesting at all. It grosses me out. I've already taken to wearing long dresses and clothes that cover me up and it still doesn't help! No matter how much you hide, I guess men just zoom in on "Oh boobies! Oh booty!" 

Truth to tell, I'm just not used to male attention. The perverted kind of male attention. I don't like it. It's scary. The only male attention I love is from my husband, who thankfully prefers skinny girls, but still looks at me differently these days, too! So, much as I appreciate my new curves, I'll be relieved when I finally give birth and lose these breasts and thighs and butt. I just don't want to be scared all the time!     


  1. Speaking as a girl with curves, I feel like me don't like curvy girls. Sometimes it seems like skinny girls are the housewives and curvy girls are the hidden sex kittens. Its crazy. I have tits and butt. I can tell you from experience sometimes it gets you unwarranted attention. I always wondered if I was skinny, perhaps then I would nab the right guy.

  2. I wish I have your pre-pregnancy body. I'm kind of voluptuous - big boobs and big butt on a 5'3" size. I get woots and tweets all the time and it scares me. I wish I could be bohemian like Nicole Richie but can't wear those types of clothes because my cleavage is very indecent and the girls just keep popping out at the neckline. Hay. I'm just glad my husband loves my full figure. It's just a pity I can't wear the clothes I like because, like you, I don't want to be scared all the time. :-(

  3. Dee and Anon, isn't it kinda hard to celebrate our figures--skinny or curvy--because men either make fun of them or make lewd remarks at them! Grrr!

  4. The lewd remarks I think are simply to get a reaction from you. They certainly could enjoy the view without a peep. Those that do, do it so they can see you uncomfortable. I say just ignore them or at least make it look like you don't care what they think.

    And I definitely think the Filipino man is a boob man.

  5. I used to be really bothered by men's comments. Now that I'm over 40, I appreciate a holla and don't hesitate to sass back if inspired.

    Enjoy your new Marilyn Monroe-like effect!

  6. i totally know where you are coming from... when i was in my teens i was thin as a stick but when I was in college I filled out. I'm 5'4 38-30-36 and I have had lewd stares from men AND women. When I was in law school, my professor looked at me from head to foot and said I will not pass his class (well actually I did). My hubby would say that men like curvy women because subconsciously its signals the ability of women to carry offspring - their offspring. Plus, most men are tactile in nature so curvy body=more to hold/grab. :)

  7. I'm bottom-heavy and I think that makes me a magnet for creeps. I've never gotten a wolf whistle either but I've had "wow, bilog ah!" or "and sexy mo!" Many more along those lines, actually. Kadiri! I get scared too. And this all happened while walking from my old office to the nearest 7-11 two blocks away lang! Not being drop-dead-gorgeous or pin-up sexy I thought I was safe from unwanted male attention. This only happens to me in makati, by the way. It's so strange. I've concluded that makati pervs are chubby chasers.


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