Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A day in the life of moi - May 12, Thurs

Well, this post is more than a month late!

This particular day was an extremely busy day. So I wore flats. But since I had to attend a fashion show, I brought along my Nine West heels. Outfit details: Zara green-striped shirt, Zara hot pink mini, Gucci bag, Janilyn flats.

I had to pop in at the office first because it's the mid-month deadline that day. Then I rode the school bus with fellow editors to Midas Hotel.

Gorgeous lobby filled with designer chairs. Very contemporary and sleek.

I don't know how to feel about the Hermes boxes, though. It's not like it's a store. So the piles of empty orange boxes just felt pretentious to me. Still, since orange is my favorite color, the pops of citrus looked great as an accent.

We were at Midas for the launch of the new Clear dandruff shampoo variants. Will talk about that on Beauty For A Living. It was a well attended event. Saw Tessa Valdes.

And my crush when I was in college, Piolo Pascual. He's not my crush anymore, which is strange because he looks a hell of a lot better now.

Then since I was already at Roxas Blvd, off I went to SM Mall of Asia to while away the time before Philippine Fashion Week. Made no sense to go all the way back to the office then leave again for MOA. So I shopped while I waited!

I attended the Forever 21 show. I only went to the shows of the brands that advertise in the magazine I edit. And SM has been so nice to support my magazine this year. Thanks, SM, BDO and Forever 21!

The fashion show was fun. Of course, it's Forever 21! I'm glad I got a seat closer to the catwalk this time. The day before, when I attended the SM Department Store show, I came late so I had to sit all the way in the back. It was so far, I needed a telescope to see anything! So that's why I came in early for this show. No, really. It was for the show, not the shopping at MOA!

Anyway! Totally loving that orange jersey dress, the one matched with blue tights. Oh, but I won't wear it with blue tights. Just with killer color block heels and bare legs!

Will talk about the show on my beauty blog, too, Meanwhile, how cute are we! Hot pink skirts are so fabulous! That's moi with Preview's editor-in-chief Pauline Juan. I shoulda taken out my heels! I looked like a dwarf beside her when we're actually the same height.

Gosh, my boobs are so huge in this photo. That's because they're filled with milk! My chest was already quite painful here. Wasn't able to express milk all day. It was so painful and tender, I was seeing stars. So after this photo, I rushed home to my baby boy. And that's where I really want to be!


  1. You looked great and young Ms. Frances in hot pink!

  2. I loooooove the outfit you wore!!!

  3. I love your look here! if only I wore short skirts....hmm, maybe hot pink pants!!!! :)))

    Funny, I was just over at Topaz Mommy and you have the same outfit, then I realized it's from the same PFW event pala!

  4. I love your outfit! Ba't di mo na crush si Papa P?

    Your days are so fabulous!

    ~Dea http://deaguwapa.com

  5. Love the pink skirt! it's so chica!


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