Saturday, June 18, 2011

The 13" dark chocolate satchel

Correction:I measured the bag and it's actually 14 inches long!

Hello, bag lovers! The prototype of the 13" satchel is here!
This is the dark chocolate color. It's darker than the photo.
Still a prototype. We think the flap has to be shorter,
about midway the bag and not two-thirds of the front.
Comes with a strap pad to protect your shoulder  
The strap is removable. 
Strap is also adjustable. Hardware is sturdy.
A lot of people requested for a top handle so here you go!
That's added cost, though, so I have to rethink the pricing!
A 13" laptop fits fine (the laptop is halfway in so that you
can see it). We also put a divider made of goat skin (it's stiffer)
but I think it's best without. What you think?
The dark chocolate finish is cool. Remember how I was iffy about the uneven tanning? Well, Uncle Buck improved it and so it's now more uniform, no more swirly bits. If you want to see how that looks like, drop by Cole Haan this weekend and ask for the hand-painted messenger bag:
As you can see, Cole Haan's finish is uneven, which is
the same finish as our bags. A lot of people have assured
us that this adds character to the bag. Also, no two bags
are alike because of this handpainting we do!
The 13" satchel will be offered in two colors only: tan and dark chocolate.

But we have to talk to Uncle Buck about the leather inside. I kinda think the unpainted side looks so white. It's actually cream but since the outside is a deep dark brown, when you open the bag, the cream is just suddenly so white. Do you think we should put a cloth lining inside? What kind of patterns and prints would be nice? But a lining is extra cost! Things to think about!

About the 15" satchel
We decided not to offer the 15" size anymore. We saw the prototype and here's what we found:
1. At that size, a bag made entirely of genuine cow hide is just so heavy.
2. Being heavy, magnetic snaps just won't cut it. When you lift the bag, the snaps fly open. So buckles are necessary. Didn't we say we don't like buckles?
3. A 15" is actually huge. So it looks so... manly! No likey. Unless you're a guy reading this or you're a woman who wants to have a bag custom made for your man.


  1. Beautiful craftsmanship! How much are u selling it for? Thanks! :)

  2. love it! to soften the leather, i'm not sure if you can use a saddle soap but not sure if it might spoil the color. i use it for my ridding boots and the horse tack to soften it.

  3. Hello Frances! Roanna here! I've worked with you for Nuffnang before (shopaholic and sony) and i love your bags! Im interested in this one! Update me soon! :)

  4. hmmm ... i was hoping for the biggest size cause my laptop's gigantic, but i guess you're right about the 15" being heavy -- the coach satchel i got from my dad is pretty heavy, even without anything in it yet.

  5. Yey, you added a handle! And the strap pad is a really, really, nice touch. :)

    As for the divider, I think you can do without it. It gives the owner less options in terms of what he/she can put in it, since not everyone will be using the bag with a laptop. Just my thoughts. :)

  6. Hi Frances!

    I changed my mind. I want one now!!! hahaha! :P

    I already sent a form :D

    I cannot sleep anymore for this bag is haunting me!

  7. I'm loving the handle ala batchel. I think I like this better than the 11", but I'm more partial to bigger bags. How soon will you be offering this? More imporatantly, how much? Is it close to the original 13" you quoted?

    By the way, just a suggestion, I hope you can come up with a tote design. It's so hard to find an all leather tote that's not so heavy on the pocket.:-)

  8. Hi Frances! I really like of this bag, I think I want one! :) I just sent you an email na pala.

  9. I have the order form open right now, will I send it in? haha. I can't believe I missed this update when it was published. I am loving the chocolate over the color of the previous prototype.
    I'm not sure about the top handle, I seem to prefer the bag without it. But that's just me.q :)

  10. hey Frances , how much is it ? message me , pls ? thankee loads :)

  11. Hi everybody! Please just email me! It makes it easier for me to track inquiries from there. Thanks!

  12. I sent an email Ms. Frances.. please please please reply quick.. :)

  13. Hi Miss Frances,

    Thank you for replying to my email. I so love the satchel. It would also be nice if the style of the 14" is just like the 11", that is without a handle on top and without the division.:) only my idea.:)

  14. Julia, thanks for the suggestion! We're working on the prototypes =)

  15. are you still selling this? how much?

  16. Yes, we're selling this. Go to for details.


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