Saturday, June 04, 2011

Bag biz update

I am so sorry for the absolutely-no-update week! I have been beyond deluged with inquiries about the leather bag Vince gave me. I am truly now in the bag business, folks! And if you're interested, go to this post to see the bag.

I'm so happy because our bag is proudly Pinoy made. I feel very good about giving business to a small group of Batangas leather artisans, headed by Uncle Buck, who had lamented to us that their craft is dying and that all their young people are moving to the city to become call center agents. They're happy that their kids are becoming office workers but they're sad that no one is taking up the craft. Soon, no one will know how to work with leather. And if you see my bag, it's really done well, lovingly made, perfectly stitched. If no one wants to be Uncle Buck's apprentice because there's no business, that craft will be lost.
Look at that craftsmanship!
I'm actually thinking of taking lessons from Uncle Buck. I don't know if I'll find the time but I have been looking for a craft ever since Angelina Jolie said she learned how to fly a plane because if world war happened again or some global crisis, who has use for actresses? Same with me. Who has use for entertainment magazine editors?

I was thinking carpentry actually because when I was in college, I installed my own book shelves. Bought plywood and nails, did some measurements, sawed away and put up the whole thing in my bedroom. They're still there today, 15 years later.

But now that I'm in the bag business, learning how to work with leather seems like a better option. How about you? What skill do you know that, in case of a massive global crisis, will be useful? Or if you're like me and don't know anything, what skill do you want to learn?


  1. i can cook! i can start a fire. and i can bake a chicken without an oven ;p girl scout yata to! haha

  2. I'm all for empowering local enterprises, whether farmers, fisher-folk, or artisans such as your Uncle Buck. That's why our family invested in a farm project in Southern Laguna, where we provide jobs to locals who would otherwise have moved to the metropolis in the vain search for "opportunities." Because of the jobs the farm has provided, we've seen poor folk go from living in shanties along the highways to finally owning their own piggeries or coconut business, or woodworking business.

    I'm so glad your business is giving work to people in Batangas. We need more socially-supportive endeavors like yours, Frances. Keep it up! You're doing a great thing!

  3. Zee, I can cook! I can't start a fire (maybe with my glasses?) and I can't bake at all.

    How do you bake without an oven? Charcoal? I saw Hawaiians dig a hole in the ground, put live coals in it, put the food, cover it with coals again. Is that how you do it?

  4. That is great, Martine! We really have to help our farmers, fishermen, local craftsmen, etc. Hindi lahat ng pera nasa opisina. We'll never get rich if we all work for someone else who'll make sure we are underpaid.

  5. In a time of crisis, I would think there would be more demand for carpenters than for leather craftsmen/women, though. I'm not sure how much demand there would be for leather goods, except maybe combat boots? Hehe.

    I'd like to learn how to fly a plane like Angelina Jolie! Or maybe learn the fundamentals of teaching so that I could teach classes so kids are occupied and don't miss out on learning.

  6. Wala. I don't know what I can do if there was a crisis. So maybe I should learn something, too!

    Oh wait, I did take up archery lessons years and years ago. I could maybe serve as a defense something! :D

    Which reminds me I could maybe learn that again.

  7. yup! exactly! learned it while I was a Girl Scout hehe

    I'm excited about the bags :) I told Vince and Atan na nakapila na ako, pero when the rush of orders die down na (which will probably be never!)nako haha! Good luck!

  8. Haha, dontsmile, combat boots it is then! Although, ya know, in a world run by men, I don't think any skills would matter. Feeling ko, one look at a woman and they'll designate her to the kitchens, the sewing machines, the laundry area or the hospitals.

    I'd love to learn how to fly a plane too! But my eyesight is really very bad. Oh well!

  9. Teeyah! Archery ha? How sexy naman your skills =)

    I miss you! When's our tea date?

  10. Zee! We ordered extra bags. When they arrive at your office, kuha ka na kay Vince! Sige na, habang discounted price sila =)

  11. Hi frances!

    OK I think I would like to DP now. Better be early na. hahahaha :)

  12. yay uncle buck!! we should always support our local industries! our bags are made in marikina and i always emphasize that to our buyers. go local!

    i can't wait to get my bag frances! tapos leather shopper naman sunod ha? haha :D

  13. This is a very pretty satchel Frances! Looks like great quality too :) Definitely a plus that it's locally made too. It's always great to be able to support local industries and craftsmanship. There's so much talent in the RP! Best of luck and welcome to the bag business!

    Bianca - The School of Satchel

  14. This is a very pretty and well-built satchel Frances! It's Always a plus to be able to support local industries and craftsmanship. There's soooo much resources in the Philippines and it's great to find other entrepreneurs that tap into our pool of local talent. Welcome to the bag business and congratulations on the many orders!

    Bianca - The School of Satchel :)

  15. Petitboy, yes you do just that! =)

    Neva, yes! Uncle Buck already has a design for the shopper!

    Bianca, hello! Yes, Your satchel is Pinoy, too, right? Very good! Our Uncle Buck is very excited about the response. He and I are offering other designs next. So exciting!

  16. I love this, Neighbor! I'm rooting for you and your new business! Now lang I'm catching up with reading your blog and you always come up with amazing ideas. Also rooting for Uncle Buck! (Ang galing din naman ni Vince.)

  17. I knoooow! It's so exciting. Pinagpi-pray ko talaga siya, Neighbor! I keep asking God to bless this so we don't have to accept writing jobs for measly fees for the rest of our lives!

    Speaking of which, if you need more writers again, remember me!!!

  18. Hala, what will I do? I feel so unskilled!

    Alam ko na, I'd entertain and care for the kids that will be left behind. Teach them stuff maybe. :)

  19. Oh my, natawa ako out loud with the "we don't have to accept writing jobs for measly fees for the rest of our lives!" line (and I'm at work, haha). Aww, of course, Neighbor! You know how much I love assigning writer/editor friends!

  20. hi,congrats for helping out our local artisans. I can totally relate to your DIY passion. I'm so into DIY sewing myself. I always alter my clothes, kids' clothes even hubby's. I make our own curtains, beddings even upholstery. Anything fabric I super love. I would like to order the satchel bag too, hope the discount price is still out =). And are there new designs now?


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