Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The bags are ready for delivery!

To the left are the black 16", the dark chocolate 14"
and the 11" in natural leather.
The first batch of bags is here! They arrived from Batangas yesterday afternoon and now our entire living area smells like leather.

The 11" tan satchels. The straps are folded into the bag. 
I sent out invoices last night and this entire day, my first clients paid in full. Wow! You guys are amazing. Thanks! I'm just sick with a very bad cold and a fever so Vince will attend to the packing and sending. Will send them all out this week, dontcha worry!

How cute is the natural leather? It's pinkish!
We're accepting orders for the 11" satchel (available in tan, dark chocolate and natural leather). Ya, still just that. We haven't decided on the final look of the 14" satchel (yes, I made a mistake--it's actually 14", not 13"!). Some feedback we got wanted the top handle, some didn't. Some said they liked the inner divider, some didn't. Yikes.

What do you think?


  1. Woohoo!
    Paid in full, excited kasi! :)))
    I will use it til it's "aged" na, the more beat-up the better it will look :) hehe...

  2. Love the natural color! Ü just waiting the go signal from hubby to let me buy! Haha!

  3. Congratulations on your first batch! The natural IS pretty :)

  4. I also love the natural leather bag :) It's going to look lovelier as it ages.

  5. super nice! =) just let me know once the details of the 14" satchel are finalized so i can order and make downpayment. thanks!

  6. i love it!!! hope you can finalize the 13" or 14" soon! :)

  7. i want the 16 or 14!!! =D

  8. Nice nga the natural leather color! when will the 14" be ready for orders? :)

  9. Oh wow.
    These bags are so pretty!!!
    Do you sell these online? Are there even stocks left? Haha. But really, are you selling these online?

    1. I'm no longer selling bags. Thanks for the interest!


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