Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy bespoke leather satchel owner: Trixie

Meet the uber cool Trixie of Wild About Retail.

She got her satchel the night before she left for a Bangkok trip and she is totally in love with the bag!

Her review summary:
1. The satchel may be 11" long but it can fit a lot of things.
(that's because the leather is supple so it's flexible enough to expand for your stuff!)
2. The leather survived being drenched in rainwater.
(that's because it's real cowhide!)  

Thanks, Trixie!


  1. I am so honored to be featured here!!! :D I <3 the satchel x 99999! A lot of my friends are planning to get one (or I think they already emailed you) :)

  2. Thanks for being the very first customer Trix!


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