Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy bespoke leather satchel owner: Aileen

Aileen of Travel.Food.Finds. totally loves her new satchel!

Her review summary:
1. Ordering was simple and easy.
That's because I like things to be simple and easy. I'm nice, too!
2. Real leather!
Yep, the entire bag is made of real Pinoy cow hide.
3. Impeccable workmanship.
Thanks to the expert hands of Uncle Buck of Batangas!
4. She loves the many pockets!
Because I love pockets, too!

Thanks, Aileen, for liking the bag and saying I'm "super nice." And may I say again: Such gorgeous photos of the bag! Even I wanted to buy it, totally forgetting I sell it!


  1. Hi Ms Frances, any news on the sale of the 14"? Excited for that. :)

  2. This is my current favorite bag! I never thought I could love a small bag (compared to the huge bags I carry around) so much!

    Thank you for this post, Frances! :)

  3. Ethel, Uncle Buck says he'll be done with the prototypes by mid-August =)

    Aileen, super thanks! That's HUGE, coming from a big-bag girl like you!


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