Friday, July 08, 2011

Good-bye, Harry.

I'm a Harry Potter fan. Been reading those books for as long as I've been loving Vince. I read the first Harry Potter book the year I met Vince, in 1999.

I lined up early to get the next books first. I always read the books straight (six to eight hours each upon release) in one sitting, resulting to massive migraines. I dragged Vince all over London, chasing night buses and figuring out British coins and looking for Platform 9 3/4. I cried for two days when Dumbledore died. I watched all the movies. While waiting for the next book or the next movie, I read magazines and websites and enjoyed behind-the-scenes photos. I felt like an era ended when I finished the last book. And now, again, it's time to say good-bye.

For the magic, thanks, Harry Potter. Good-bye!


  1. I felt this way after reading the last book. Like saying goodbye to old friends, no?

    Gosh, I think I will be sad after watching this movie. It really is the end of an era. We're so lucky we had this during our generation. ;)

  2. I started reading Harry Potter way back when I was in 6th grade. That was in the year 1999. Now, at 24, I feel quite sad that we are down to the last movie. I grew up with this series and this is all so bittersweet! And yes, thank you for magic. Thank you so much for the magic that stayed with me for over a decade, Harry Potter!

  3. I started reading HP in 1999 and after I finished reading the last book, I tried to console myself by thinking, "there's still the movie to look forward to". Now, I'm trying to delay watching the movie for as long as I can because it really is goodbye. An era has indeed ended.

  4. *blubbering* Goodbye, Harry, Hermione and Ron!

  5. I feel you Frances. It's like graduation or a friend moving to another country :(

  6. I think I started reading it in 1998 or 1999, while I was waiting in line during reg. And people were asking me why I was reading a children's book. Haha. Last year, I got to see Daniel in NY!

    I also cried for days when Dumbledore died. I wanna see Deathly Hallows 2 already but I also don't want it to end. I'm getting teary eyed as I type. What the.

  7. I'm also a big fan of Harry Potter and cried numerous times over the books. I started when I was 15 and have reread them all countless of times. I am not almost 30 but the magic has not faded for me.
    Although I didn't really like most of the movies, I have been able to appreciate the effort they have put into bringing the characters into life.
    I blubbered like a little girl when I watched the last movie the other day.
    I think I will always love Harry Potter and I'm fervently wishing my future kids will, too. :)

  8. Fellow Potterheads, thank you for sharing the magic! I felt so sad when I saw the movie. Sigh! I'm reading the 7th book again =)


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