Sunday, July 17, 2011

My type of bag!

Been gone a while, I know. Ever since we started on our little sideline, I've hardly had time to breathe! But today I was able to sneak in some eBay window shopping and oooh I fell in love with this clever bag:

It's the Kate Spade All Typed Up Clyde carry all. I love the bold red, the whimsical design. It's so retro-pop cool! I love it! So perfect for a writer. So perfect for me!

The price, however, is not so perfect. It's $695 or P29,850. Its retail price was $495 so I don't understand why the eBay seller jacked up the price. It's also in the US of A which means I'll have to pay extra for shipping. And someone already made an offer (I didn't know you can do that on eBay!) so by the time I save enough to buy it, it'd be long gone.

Sadness! Won't anyone out there buy it for me??? Here's the eBay listing. I really really really want it!!!

Or I can just go to a thrift shop, buy an old typewriter, take out the keys and glue it to my satchel! I think that, on the handmade leather satchel, it will look completely steam punk, though. What you think?


  1. I wanted this Kate Spade journal clutch but the price just got too high. Considering list price was $125, I just couldn't pay the premium. Just kicking myself for not buying it when it first came out.

  2. Oops, forgot the link to the Kate Spade Journal Clutch

  3. sayang! Kate Spade here in the Philippines had this bag late last year. I got mine here.

  4. The image of you gluing typewriter keys to your satchel is so funny! (Wonderful idea, but please don't!) That red bag is a real beauty and yes, quite perfect for a writer like you.

    PS. I love my satchel (too much, I stare at it a lot. haha)!

  5. Loopy Life, yes. I still dream about bags and dresses I let slip away on eBay haha!

    MissM, I didn't see that bag here last year!!! Then again, it's a really pricey bag.

    Aileen, hehe thanks!!! Ya, Vince also said it's not a good idea =)


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