Sunday, July 03, 2011

Random recent photos

Off to Philippine Fashion Week in May!
Wearing Bench tank, Zara skirt, Sapato Manila
heels, Liz Claiborne necklace and
Kate Spade bag
At Enterprise, on my way to Sunlife to file a claim, I met
these yummy colorful creatures. They were promoting a
raffle--vote for the M&M color you want and you get a
chance to win $1,000 shopping money!
I voted for Green because she's described as "smart, strong
and sexy." Hey, sounds like me! Teehee. If you want to join,
click here. I hope I win, though! Good luck to us all!
Here I am at Sunlife again, this time to claim tickets to Varekai!
I joined their contest on the last day and won! Am I lucky
or what? Thing is I'd already bought tickets. So I gave my
prize to my in-laws and watched Varekai on the second night.
You all know what happened to us that Thursday night! 
And this was Vito the morning after the Varekai show.
We bought that hat, so enamored were we with the show.
We're enamored with our baby boy, too! 


  1. Your Zara skirt is adorable, Vito is nakakagigil, and it's nice to see you in a picture with the boards we have on our floor! :) Hihi.

  2. Vito's has got to be my favorite shot! :)

  3. I love your outfit in the first photo and I love that little creature in the last photo! LOL

  4. omigosh, i love Vito!! He looks so adorably squeezable in that pic!:-)

  5. you look hot and super young in the first photo. and vito is the cutest little boy ever!


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