Friday, July 26, 2013

Topaz Fashion: I love that LeBunny Bleu is so affordable!

I was at LeBunny Bleu's launch party yesterday and, boy, was it packed! I didn't realize that the shoe brand was that much of a fashionista favorite! Here's a few snaps from yesterday:
Patty Laurel hosted the event. She also babysat my baby stroller so I could shop. Thanks, Patty!
Patty with Michelle Chan and my friend, Zerline Chan Ortiz-Luiz, the stylish women who
brought in LeBunny Bleu (and Quirks, too!)

Sorry, I forgot to bring my camera so I had to use my Blackberry. Sad. It's a good thing Le Bunny Bleu gave us photos of their super cute shoes! Here are just a few styles. There are a lot more. There's Oxfords, brogues, espadrilles, boat shoes and loafers, too.

The numbers on the photos aren't the prices, okay? I put the price in the captions. I'm sooo happy the shoes are reasonably priced!
Linda Heel, P2795

Angela Ballet Flat, P2795

Cotton Slip-On, P1995

Spring Tassel Slip-On, P2095

Vina Hadden Heel, P2795

And here's some style ideas:

The shoes are a bit too young for 36-year-old me but I did find a pair I liked. A two-tone black-and-white flat. It's quite nice! I'll debut it next week haha.

Shop at LeBunny Bleu this weekend! The flagship store is at 5/F Bridgeway of the East Wing of Shangri-la Plaza Mall. Next week, the Glorietta 5 branch opens!


  1. So cute and tamang tama cos you love rabbits ö Will check LeBunny Bleu soon!

  2. Cuuuuuute! Ang dami mong events this week! <3 But this is by far the BEST!

  3. I was in the store this afternoon! Was so sad because I wanted to buy a pair of Vina Hadden but they don't have my size, kahit saang design :( oh the perils of having large feet at size 10! Buti na lang the store attendants are really nice, and they gave out free bunny cookies!

  4. Those shoes are very cute! I can't wait for the store to open in Glorietta!


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