Thursday, March 05, 2015

Breathtaking blue ball gown!

I'm a fan of Cinderella because unlike Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, Cinderella actually worked to make her dreams come true. Okay, so her dream was kinda lousy. But a dream is a wish your heart makes and she wished to become a princess so let's let her have it!

I like princesses, to be honest. I like Princess Grace and Princess Diana and Duchess Kate. Though I'm more of the girl who would rather say, "My dream is to be queen!" Still, if to become a princess first is how you get to be a queen, then I'll take it.

Back to Cinderelly. So there's a big movie coming out this month. I don't particularly care for it since Lily James is not winning me over (nope, not at all), but after seeing Ms James in this absolutely gorgeous Elie Saab Couture gown, I'm a convert. She looks ethereal. Like how I imagined princesses all my life!

That dress! I can't get over that dress!

I wish Kate Middleton would wear something like this. I know she buys her own clothes (she doesn't accept any gifts from brands and designers) so maybe she's just avoiding criticism by keeping her fashion simple. Elegant, of course, but still simple. I still dream of gowns like this Elie Saab will be worn by Kate while she's still young and princess-y!

My family got invited to the movie premiere and I'm excited to watch it now! Will you be watching the greatest fairy tale of all time?

Photo from Jezebel. Click it to see more photos of Lily's sumptuous dress, see-through shoes, and clock clutch!

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  1. Yes, we'll be watching! My 4-year old daughter can't wait to watch it :)


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