Saturday, March 07, 2015

From BDJBox: My Tricks to Fuller-Looking Hair

I don’t have a lot of hair. What little hair I do have is fine, almost baby hair. So my crowning glory needs to be prodded and styled to look, well, glorious. Somehow, my little tricks seem to work because people ask me—a mom of three currently suffering from post-partum hair loss—how my hair seems so luscious! I reveal to you my simple secrets.

1. Use products, but not too many products.
FullerLookingHair1From start to end of your styling process, always choose products that will give your hair volume. Pay attention to labels with these words: thickening, volumizing, body, big, bouncy, fine. These will not weigh down your hair.
I never use conditioner since I find that it always makes my hair flat. I just use a treatment mask once or twice a month to nourish my locks. On regular days, I just use hair oil on the ends of my mane before I blow dry. On special days, I skip the oil and use a volumizing spray at the roots and mousse for the ends to give my hair body. Hairspray holds up the whole thing!
Don’t use sticky products, by the way, since these make hair clump together. That’s great if you have lots of hair but on fine, thin hair, clumps will just expose your scalp!
Plus, I always just use a small amount of product. I also use a maximum of two styling products at the same time because too much can weigh down everything.
FullerLookingHair22. Use tools.
Blow-drying hair is the biggest trick for big bouncy hair. It doesn’t even have to be salon-style. I just bend down, flip my hair upside down and blast on the dryer at my roots! Then, I roll up the still-warm locks in Velcro rollers. I keep my hair in rollers for as long as possible (while putting on makeup and dressing up, so about 15-20 minutes). When I free my hair of the rollers, I have a head full of gorgeous waves!
You can also use a curling iron for sexy waves. Just use the ones with big barrels for big, loose waves.
For the rest of my secrets to fuller-looking hair, visit (click here!).

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