Thursday, March 26, 2015

The story of my short hair

Once upon a time, up to about last month, I had long hair. I don't know what it is about getting pregnant, but I had glorious hair. Nice and thicker than my usual fine and thin hair. Then you give birth and they all fall out haha But for the times I was pregnant with my second and third babies, I grew my hair long for the first time ever because my hair held on to my scalp.

Then, as I said, postpartum hair fall happened. So I decided I needed to cut my hair short again. Just a bob really, which is trendy with all the It girls.

Just my luck, Franck Provost has a new stylist and I was offered a free haircut. So I went happily along. While she created a really stylish bob, it wasn't suited to my mom lifestyle. Instead of the simple, fuss-free bob that I wanted, she made many tiny layers. For it to look amazing, I had to spend 30 minutes styling it to look like this:

If I don't do that (and as a mom of three babies, I don't have the time to do that!), this is what it looks like:


So after two weeks of my strange bob, I went to Basement Salon and asked for a pixie cut like this:

Yes, that's me in 2008. But the stylist said we should go into pixie land gently so she chopped off my hair to a really short bob like this:

The hair I've sported since high school!

And now here's what people tell me:

"Oh, a very short cut! Is your marriage okay?"
"What a big change! Is anything big happening in your life?"
"Wow, how does it feel? You've never gone short before."

Wait. What?

First, unlike most women, my hair is not a barometer of the state of my love life. I cut my hair when I'm tired of it. I color it when I feel bored. It's hair. It's just hair. It grows back! So I like playing with it! Plus my husband likes it when I play with my hair. He says it's like having a new girl every time I come home looking different!

Second, I have actually always had short hair. Observe my hair while pregnant with Vito in 2010.

I dunno about you but those two photos look like I have short hair. Hindi siya Photoshop, promise!

I only grew my hair long three years ago, because one day I wore hair extensions and thought, "Wow, I look good with long hair!" And, like I said, pregnancy (I'm pregnant with my second baby here) made my hair nice. 

Yes, that's hair extensions! They looked so good on me! So I grew my hair loooong for the first time in my history. But after three years of long hair, I am tired of it. Masyadong maarte. Blow dry, product, ang tagal pa pag i-dye! Four hours akong nakaupo sa salon! Who has the time?!

So I cut my hair short. That's all there is to it.

It's so crazy to talk to people who say, "But you've never had short hair before!" I mean, how does one respond to that? Even though I show them pictures of me with short hair, they still insist I've always had long hair. May picture na nga! Ano pa kailangan niyo? Labo.

Anyway, this is why my hair is short: A stylist gave me a cut that didn't suit my lifestyle so I had it cut shorter so it's wash and go. The end. Wag na gawan ng ibang storya utang na loob lang! Thanks!

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  1. LOL this story is funny! I always remember you with short hair and seldom do I see you sport a long hair! So mas malabo ba ako? hahahah :D But you know what? Same with what my husband says: "Short or long, you're pretty, it's you I fell in love with, not your hair"! So I don't care what other people say, I just style my hair the way I want!
    Ako naman I wanted short but long is better because I can tie it high on a bun when I play with Kyle! Personal preference lang, walang story..walang chismis :D

  2. I usually have long hair naman... For some reason, I find it more manageable compared to short hair (which a lot of people find weird). Though I cut it really short once in a while when I get bored (not for anything else)... Your new 'do looks great on you! ��

  3. LOL! I do find it funny when people think we cut our hair short because something terrible is happening in our lives! I agree with you, it's just hair! On another note, you do look good with short hair!

  4. Ang funny naman, Frances! Chismis levels pa hahaha. You look good either long or short naman :D

  5. I have always known you with short hair, even back in college. Looks good on you especially since you have a petite frame. :)


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