Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Progress Pre-School Gold on multiple intelligences (plus, a giveaway!)

This post is brought to you by Progress Pre-School Gold.

When I was a preschool teacher lifetimes ago, I had the great privilege to teach at Ingenium School in Marikina. In 1999, Ingenium started as a preschool. Now it teaches kids up to high school level! I was one of the first of four teachers. It was a new kind of school, a multiple intelligences school. I've never heard of anything like it. But I truly saw how each child we taught blossomed because we taught them according to their strengths and interests, or multiple intelligence.

There are various forms of intelligence: brain, body, and people. I remember one student, J**i, who transferred to Ingenium because his teachers in his previous preschool said he had behavioral problems. We believe he was just bored! We observed him for a couple of weeks and noticed he just couldn't sit down, making it difficult for him (and us teachers) to learn anything! 

Finally, one morning, I noticed he was running around the school. I yelled to him as he ran past, "One!" and he yelled back, "One!" When he passed me again, I yelled, "Two!" and he shouted back, "Two!" We did this counting with every lap. By the time he was tired, he had learned counting 1-20. Yes, he had a lot of energy! J**I is definitely body smart. That means he learns faster and better if he isn't sitting down. He has to be moving! 

This multiple intelligences applied to the other kids. And, fast forward to now, I'm happy that I can apply it to my kids, too! For example, my second child, Iñigo, learns fastest through music. He learned his alphabet and numbers and shapes and colors and words simply by us singing them to him. We had tried that with his older brother, Vito, and Vito just wasn't interested. What Vito liked to do was visual play. He liked to sit with an iPad or watch TV or draw with paint and crayons. For him to learn, he has to see it unfolding before his eyes. 

Vito loves visual stimulation.
Iñigo loves to learn through song and dance.
They both love learning via play!

Of course, parental involvement and encouragement are also huge factors in giving our children an edge with multiple intelligence. For example, a parent must discern what his child's intelligence is. In Vito's case, for example, the iPad works. It doesn't help Iñigo much unless he plays with an app that has a lot of music. But if a parent can't see beyond what traditional education says, then he or she'll just think, "Oh, all iPads are bad!" or "Something must be wrong with my kid because he doesn't like music!" or "Why is my kid so makulit and malikot? He must be naughty!"

Good nutrition is another big factor. Imagine if your child is like my former student, J**i. He needs a lot of food to sustain his energy. But if he's starved nutritionally, he won't have the energy. Same applies to other kinds of multiple intelligences. Good and healthy food helps children not just with energy but also with keeping them alert and focused. Everything in their bodies works better with good nutrition.

That's why Progress Pre-School Gold wants to encourage mommies and daddies to really pay attention to their child's interests and nutrition! They're giving away a special gift pack with special toys for kids that will further promote and practice Multiple Intelligence. 

How to win:
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  3. Share in the comments below what your child/children's intelligence is and what you're doing to encourage your child's development based on his interests.
Here's the prize:

That's it! I raffle the prize in a week to one winner! So contest ends on March 24. Good luck, moms and dads!


The winner is Karen Unilongo! Please send me a message via my Facebook page to claim your prize!

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  1. Both my 4 and 2 year old girls are artistically inclined. They both love music and singing and dancing are their expression when they are in good mood or happy. Since they love watching child friendly movies especially musical, I encourage them to express what they feel by letting them be whatever they sing and dance. We are in the generation of high technology gadgets, so I allow them to listen to music in my cellphone and listen to music as they copy how is it sang. I expose them to these kind of activities since I myself enjoyed dancing when I was once young and much more to singing since it's really my weakness. I want them to be passionate in music as early as now.

    Donna Rose O. Juezan

  2. My daughter enjoys learning through play. She learned counting via beads
    from my broken necklace, shapes via clay, alphabet through painting cut out
    letters, spelling through an iPad app. Addition via Lego blocks. I encourage
    her buy letting her get dirty and do art and crafts with me during
    weekends, letting her play iPad and watch TV shows which involves dancing
    and singing,Hi-5 and the likes. Buying her books with activities like

    1. Congratulations! You won! I'm sure your daughter will enjoy the prize of building blocks and drawing pad! =D Please send me a message via my Facebook page to claim your prize!

  3. i think my baby bellamulti intelligence is having interest in learning new things like coloring,making puzzles plus he eager to learn lyrics of songs she like and learning to have her own dance steps and teach her playmates! my older is now into majorette, she excels in her academics as well in extra curricular activities,she really have fun and learning at the same time,they both love to draw and paint!

  4. My daughter newly found interest is dancing, recently she performed in one of their school activity and I am amazed how she dance so gracefully and while dancing she was smiling having fun and enjoying the sound of the music as she wave her hand. I am one if the proudest parent/dad in the audience. Newly discovered and love interest.

    Carlos Andres

  5. My 4 year old daughter is so curious. I think asking "why" is her favorite activity. I believe that her curiosity leads to new experiences and increases learning so I let her explore and try to answer her questions in the simplest way I can. I also love reading books to my daughter. I want her to be expose to the merits of reading so I try to read regularly.. During weekends we enjoy doing some arts and crafts project w/c she also enjoys. We already made lots of projects like donuts made of socks,kitchen and market stall made of boxes and so on. We encourage her to engage in these art projects and let her creativity blossom. She also loves singing and dancing so I made her pretty costumes that she'd wear whenever she performs at home. It's really fun to witness child's development and definitely more fun to be involved.

  6. My children's strong multiple intelligence would be musical because I notice that they easily learned their ABC, 123 and rhymes through songs. We have a lot of CDs as learning tools for them. Visual would be their second strong point as they easily associate through things they actually see and I think that helps in their imagination!

  7. I must say that I'm very very proud of my son Gabo who’s at the age of 6 is now at his best when it comes to Origami. We did not teach him how to do it. We just observed and saw that there were already many paper planes and cranes in our house. I can see that he has a fine motor skill. He has the initiative to watch youtube on the different strategies and techniques on how to effectively master the art of folding a paper. We also give him instructional materials to help him grasp the steps easily. I even took home the scratch papers in our office for him to have a paper to practice on hehe.

    Making an origami appeals to his creative, inventive and constructive abilities. There is a study that it will significantly improve your child's Math skill through origami. No wonder that Gabo was second in rank on their Math subject in the class.

    He does not only excel in the IQ level but more importantly in his EQ. We, being Gabo’s parent also saw him gradually develop his associative thinking skills and concentration and attention to details. I’m also very happy that he has also improved a good amount of patience and perseverance which are the good qualities to be improved while the children are still young. In this learning by doing activity, there is a continuous interaction of the action and thought process. I’m confident that Gabo is doing a good job!

  8. My toddler loves the outdoors. I let her roam around in our small patch of garden at home and interact with our dogs. In the garden, she learns about colours, numbers and different objects. Interaction with animals make her understand compassion and caring for more than one's self. I love the idea that she can both learn academic (counting, colours, etc.) and non-tangible (caring for others) stuff through our short daily garden trips. On top of these, our mother-daughter bonding is another plus during this activity. I can see that she is more motivated to learn more about her surroundings when I'm around. =)

  9. Thank you all so much for joining my sponsor's giveaway. Your kids are so amazing. Thank you for inspiring me also to be a better teacher-parent to my own boys =D