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4 things our kids need for a healthy and happy childhood (+1 they don't need)

I'm not a pediatrician so I feel weird when people ask me what multivitamins I give to my kids. On one hand, I love sharing my mom finds. On the other hand, I still think mamas should ask their child's pedia first before giving kids any supplements. But if gusto niyo talaga malaman, I give my kids probiotics (sometimes), iron supplements (with great difficulty but I have to because the kids are anemic), Vitamin C with Zinc (for increased resistance to germs and faster healing), and multivitamins (for general good health).

Their vitamins now is my new find, FERN Kiddimin. I just discovered this new product this summer when I was invited by my friends at FERN C to check it out. Because of my mother n law, my husband Vince and I have been taking FERN C for about 8 years now. So when FERN C kidz came out mga two years ago, we got for our kids. Yes, loyal FERN C family! Yun nga lang, walang multivitamins ang FERN so when I was told na meron na, of course I got for my kids! That's how much I believe in FERN, mamas!

Yes, bilib talaga ako sa FERN C. Joke yan lagi ni Vince na kaya kami nabuntis kasi binibigyan kami ng FERN C ni Mom. Okay, hindi fertility pill yan, ha. What he meant is I've always been a sickly girl. Underweight, asthmatic, in the hospital once or twice a year—that's me! Si Vince din, because of stress sa work and unhealthy habits, he also didn't feel like he was in top form. Kaya siguro hindi kami nabubuntis. Then Mom gave us FERN C and after mga 3 months, we not only looked and felt better, nabuntis pa ako! So if you see me gushing over these vitamins, it's really because we feel we owe them a lot!

Anyway, back to FERN Kiddimin! At the intimate event for mom bloggers at Museum Café, the FERN family treated us to a really enlightening talk by Dr. Rita Paz Rowena A. De Guzman, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician. She's such a good speaker, mamas! Nakinig talaga kami sa talk niya. Ramdam na ramdam namin na she cares for kids and for parents, too, that she's a partner talaga in raising healthy and happy kids.

Dr. Rita discussed with us how we can make our home a wonderful environment for our kids to flourish in. And, mamas, may mga points siya na natamaan talaga ako. Here they are!

FERN Kiddimin has a tasty orange flavor. Doesn't taste medicinal.

1. Time: quality or quantity? 
It shouldn't be a contest! For example, I'm a working mom so I'm with my kids a lot. But because I'm doing chores and working on articles and blog posts naman, I'm not actually spending time with them. Other parents naman, because they work all week, every weekend bakasyon grande to compensate for the time they don't spend with their kids. Beach! Staycation! Hong Kong! Or mall buong araw at mega shopping. Pagod ang buong family, magastos pa. 

Our kids need our time and presence. They don't need us to be there 24/7, but one day a week isn't ideal either. Let's try to spend an hour or two with them, talking with them, reading books, playing games. Simply sharing a relaxed and hearty meal every day is great!

2. Talk, talk, talk!
Dr. Rita said our kids need to hear (exchange?) 30,000 words a day to develop a good vocabulary and to learn comprehension and the ability to express themselves. So we need to talk with our kids! My kids LOVE to talk so I usually sit in when they're chatting and insert my opinion here, correct grammar there, define a word here, answer life questions there. Then there's my husband who loves to read books to the boys at bedtime. So 30,000 words? Check!

3. No screen time! 
For kids 2 and below, no TV and mobile devices because it is linked to speech delays. Why? Well, when kids are just watching, they don't speak. When we don't engage them, they don't learn to talk.

Me, because I'm with my kids a lot, I let them watch TV and play games on the iPad, and then I guide everything. "What's happening to the princess? Where's the hero? What color is the dragon? Why is the villain angry?" For games and apps, it's "Turn right! Jump up! Go down! Tap all the color red! Let's sing ABC, too!" I guess that's why my kids are so madaldal because I was there all along talking and talking with them!

However, now that they're older, I'm seeing bad behavior when they're on the iPad. They fight mainly. So we're lessening the iPad use anyway.

4. Play, play, play! 
For kids, play is work. That's when their muscles and bones develop, their balance and agility honed, their reflexes sharpened. Now, we live in a condo, and our playground and recreation areas are under renovation for 2 years. So the kids have been indoors for months. I feel so guilty about this! I know sometimes when they're super magulo sa bahay or they fight a lot, that's because hindi nagagamit ang energy nila. 

Bringing kids to Kidzoona or to ballet class isn't enough, however. Dr. Rita says the kids have to play outside. Kids (and parents included) these days belong to what is called the "indoor generation." We play in indoor playgrounds. We exercise in gyms. We use tanning lotions to get a tan. We need the sun! Sunlight is needed to produce Vitamin D. Sunlight also improves our mood. Behavioral problems, depression and other mental illness are eased when we are out in the sun.

5. Eat healthy.
We all know that everyone needs a balanced diet. Every plate at every meal should have a combination of fruits, vegetables, protein, and grains. This is not easy! Especially when you're a busy mom with busy kids. Meal times are such a challenge for me because I try to serve vegetables but the kids pick at them. Or if bigyan mo ng banana or mango, akala mo lason ang pinapakain mo. Sobrang ayaw ng fruits and veggies! Nakaka-iyak siya! 

To make sure their nutrition isn't compromised, I have to give them vitamin supplements. Hence, my happiness at dicovering FERN Kiddimin! It's a food supplement with Vitamin B Complex, Lysine, Vitamin D3, Chlorella, Vitamin A, and Taurine. All of these vitamins and amino acids help our kids have a healthy appetite, develop and strengthen their bones, and promote mental acuity. So my kids will be "Magana, Matangkad, and Matalino" with FERN Kiddimin! Plus, my kids love the orange flavor.

Since Vito is 7, he takes 2 teaspoons of FERN Kiddimin every day.

So what do our kids need for a healthy and happy childhood? Time, talk, play, and good food. And they don't need screen time! Good luck to us, mamas!

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*This post is brought to you by FERN Kiddimin.

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