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Here are 4 things you can do at home to boost your income

Dear mamas, did you know you could use your home to increase your income? As a work-from-home mom, I always get asked by my readers over at my blog's Facebook page, "I'm a housewife and I want to earn, too. How can I be a working mom but still stay home with my kids?" Well, you can turn your home into your very own office!

Okay, we're not going to talk about renting out your garage or your spare room (but you can do that, if you wish!). We're not even going to talk about upselling your home or putting it up on the real estate market (although you can do that, too, if you want to!). Instead, we'll talk about how  everything you could do in the privacy of your own home can be used to maximize your earnings.

My desk at home! Styled for Real Living. In reality, I work over at the dining table haha

Your home offers a variety of opportunities, and it’s fair to say that you will find ideas for everyone, whether you’re a finance specialist or a DIY craft lover. Even though I've been working from home for over 5 years myself, I'm always on the lookout for more ways to earn money without leaving my house! So let me share a few tips:

1. Turn your hobby into a business.
Everyone has a hobby. But when you begin to spend a lot of time on it, it might be time to consider a way of making your hobby a financial actor of your future. For a lot of people, however, the main issue is to figure out if your hobby is worth the time investment. Sometimes, it’s more of a hunch than anything else. But ultimately, as the saying goes, if you choose a job you love you’ll never have to work a day in your life. That’s precisely what a lot of bloggers, crafters, and artists have embraced to build their career. After all, you can spend time doing what you love and getting paid for it! 

2. Improve your skills.
Perhaps you’re satisfied with your career choice. But you just wish you could land a better-paid job. How about acquiring more competences with online studies – if you’re looking to boost your healthcare career, see more options here on the best online nursing studies, for instance. As a rule of the thumb, online studies can be pursued at home, in the evening or the morning while you’re not working. Thus you can maintain your job while investing your spare time at home into boosting your career. 

3. Downsize your belongings.
If you’ve read articles about the Feng Shui philosophy for your interior decor, you’re probably aware that too much clutter can damage your peace of mind at home. The thing is: Who doesn’t own too much stuff? Everyone has clothes they don’t wear, books they don’t read anymore, and sports gear they haven’t used in years. Everyone has too much stuff, and that’s precisely where your financial improvement lies. You could make the most of a decluttering action to sell all your unwanted, unused and unnecessary items.

This reminds me! I promised my Facebook community that I'll sell my maternity and breastfeeding clothes soon! I still haven't decided if I'll sell on eBay, on Instagram, or exclusively to my blog readers on my Facebook page. What do you think is my best-selling platform?

4. Start investing.
Contrary to the common belief, you can start investing in Index Fund with as little as $1,000. There is no need to invest large sums of money to see positive results. Besides, starting small means that you will be taking fewer risks and are more likely to learn positive lessons on the way without breaking the bank. Indeed, by working with a discount broker, you can start investing with very little money. Additionally, you can also directly buy from a company through DSPPs, which allow you to start with as little as $100. 

But before you get into investing, ask yourself first if stock market investment is for you?  My husband and I know a lot of people who have gotten rich from their buying and selling of stocks. This is still something we don't understand but really really hope we could get into so that our money will make us even more money without us doing any real hard work!

So there you go, mamas! A quick list of income-generating activities you can do from your home. Imagine that—your home can become the HQ of your financial rebirth! From creating a stand-alone home business to using your home savings to invest in the best stock markets, you have plenty of opportunities to grow your income significantly. Lots of people are doing this now. Why don't you try it, too? Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for this Ms. Frances!
    I am also a mom to a 3yr. old boy. With no trusted maid or yaya around to help me and with tuition fees and other expenses that need to be paid, home based work is my best option at the moment. Im selling a variety of Nestle juices and electric fan covers (for curious toddlers who think electric fans are giant toys hehe) in Instagram @tavshoppe (pls forgive the shameless plug ��. ) The income from the sales really help us a lot to make ends meet and at the same time enable me to care for my toddler (never mind if he drives me crazy most times haha).


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