Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Nikki's glamorous wedding

My darling friend Nichole Reyes became Mrs. Bernard Mercado last Saturday in a fabulous wedding over at picturesque Tagaytay Highlands. I can't get over how glamorous Nikki and Bernard's wedding was! Here are a few photos from my camera but I'll be stealing from Facebook in a bit so you get to see nicer pics.

The couple arrived at the altar looking like Barbie and Ken. Hmmm, actually, Barbie and Ken never looked this good! 

Kiss! Kiss! Berns and Nikki kiss really cute, by the way. They kinda go, "Mwah!"

Me and Vince! We wore matching gray. I wore a gunmetal silk jersey gown with a beaded bodice while Vince was in a gray suit with a black shirt and tie (I have another pic in my mommy blog).

Now I've been to a lot of weddings but this has got to be the most stylish wedding I've ever seen! It wasn't a surprise though--Nikki and Bern are always very well groomed and dressed up, even when we just have silly chats at home or when we're off to a spa for a treatment or to get our skin ID'd. You just never see Nikki in a tee and jeans, and sneakers are alien to her! Look at her gown!
 Front view
The teeny-tiny waist
That voluminous skirt is beyond amazing!

The guests were also dressed to the nines. I wish I could've gotten more photos but I didn't know all the stylish people there so I was shy to ask them for poses. Here are a few:

Nicole in a pussy-bow silk blouse and a full tulle skirt. I should've gotten a pic of her shoes--it has triple bows at the back!

Red looking dashing in a suit, a red pin-striped shirt and bow tie.

Elaine looks like a fairy in her nude dress. Very on trend!

Kabbie in a summery maxi dress with a coral bib necklace.
Gorgeous girl in yellow. I'm going to have a dress made just like that!

Here I am with the newlyweds right after the fireworks. We're soooo happy! Nikki and Berns, you guys are so perfect for each other. But life isn't perfect so I'm glad you have each other to weather the storms and find beauty and fun in life and in love. Congratulations!


  1. Her wedding gown is unique and very stylish, and I can't help but envy her tiny tiny waist! Congrats to the newlyweds!

    PS: I love the color of your dress, Frances. =)

  2. Everyone is so fasyon! And it definitely looks like a glam wedding. Nikki was your beauty editor before, right? =) They look so happy!

  3. That yellow dress is gorgeous! So...did anyone wear white? Haha

  4. Did you happen to know where that girl in yellow had her dress made?

  5. Hey, may i ask who made the wedding gown of Nichole?

  6. Hi may I ask who made nichole's wedding gown?


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