Saturday, October 23, 2021

Love the Hare House! Look look!

Meet The Hare House. This is a super popular tiny house that I discovered last year through Levi Kelly's YouTube channel that features beautifully shot tours of tiny houses and Airbnb destinations. So matagal na siyang draft sa blog ko kasi literal na one year ago ko napanood this tour. I just fell in love with it because it's perfect. And also because I love rabbits!

It's literally just a rectangular box. It has a living room, a dining area, a serviceable kitchen, a surprisingly spacious (for its tiny house size) bathroom, a storage room, a bedroom, a pocket walk-in closet (!), and a balcony. All that on such a minuscule area of just 91 sqm! 

Check out the pics:

Ganda, diba? Small but mighty. You can see the rest of this super cute house in Levi's tour below. Love it super! Easy to maintain. Maybe one day magpagawa ako ng ganyan when the kids have left. 

Do you have a tiny home you like? I have lots! Share ko rin dito sa house tours ko. I know I've been featuring local houses for sale and the huge Mid-Century Homes I dream of, but I spend more time watching tiny homes actually. Share ko mga favorites ko. Share niyo rin sa comments below if you have fave tiny houses, too!

Happy weekend!!!

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