Monday, January 31, 2022

The Topaz Horizon 2022 Giveaway!


Happy New Year, everyone! I was supposed to do this giveaway weeks ago but we had a very busy January so how about we make this a Chinese New Year giveaway instead! 

新 年 快 乐

Xīnnián kuàilè, everyone! That's Mandarin for New Year happiness and that's all I want for all of us this 2022 - happiness that comes from gratitude and good health. Although for this to be a proper Chinese greeting, I should wish prosperity for us as well! So may we all prosper in business, our career, and our bank accounts!

Let's start the good luck with a Topaz Horizon Giveaway! Here's the grand prize:

That's worth P12,000! 

One lucky winner will get:

One (1) signed copy of my book, Not Invisible

This is my memoir of my first 10 years as a mommy! It's a story of faith, hope, and love. It's about welcoming life's surprises and not losing sight of oneself and what matters. Most of all, it's about embracing all the love and joy that comes with family. Definitely a must-read!

One (1) tin of Topaz Horizon scented candle

This special limited edition candle smells soooo good! Even unlit, the sweet and feminine scent wafts everywhere. When I was deciding on what scent to use for my candle, I tried many scents but my husband and kids said that this particular fragrance reminds them of me best. 

One (1) 18 carat gold-plated bookmark

It's in the shape of a feather. I love it because writers of long ago used a quill to write, diba? So I thought it would be nice if you marked your page in my book with this gold-plated quill!

One (1) bottle of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice

It's the New Year! Let's celebrate with some bubbly! My family and I love Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice. It's festive because of all the bubbles but it's not alcoholic so my kids can share a glass, too.Every bottle is sweet and fruity but it's great for mixing with other juices and alcoholic beverages if you want a little kick. 

One (1) bottle of Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

This is the Chinese New Year Limited Edition bottle. Happy New Year! This is Shiseido's #1 serum with ImuGeneration Technology. It's packed with anti-oxidant rich reishi mushroom and iris root extracts, to strengthen skin, restore firmness and defend against daily damage for skin that’s stronger, smoother, firmer, more hydrated, and resilient. 

One (1) Flawless Age Defy Super Serum and one (1) Flawless Underarm and Body Lightening Deoconcealer

Jumpstart your skincare this 2022 with 5 vials of the Age Defy Serum. It smoothens out fine lines and rejuvenates the skin by promoting cell renewal. Take care of your body, too, for example, the oft-neglected kili-kili! Try the Underarm and Body Lightening Deoconcealer. It's makeup for your underarm, but it also lightens skin tone and provides 24-hour sweat protection!

One (1) Belle de Jour Power Planner 2022

The Belle de Jour Power Planner (prices range from P599 to P1,199) is a planner packed with lifestyle coupons from over 40 brands. You also get access to free mobile and desktop wallpaper downloadables, Spotify playlists, and NEW features this year include free virtual reality meditation videos and 12 Coaching Experiences led by 12 world-renowned experts in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Strengths Finding, Reiki Masters, Holistic Aromatherapists, Business and Beauty Experts, Energy Healers, Positive Psychologists, Motivational and Image Training Professionals in the BDJ Coach Quenza App that you can access from the pages of the BDJ Planner. Woah! 

I'm also giving away these prizes to 2 readers:

1 signed copy of my book, Not Invisible

1 tin of Topaz Horizon scented candle

1 surprise beauty product

How to win:

I'm not doing this giveaway to get more followers. So no need to share this on social media. I just want my Loyal Readers to know about this giveaway. So I just hope you'll write a comment below this post telling me your favorite Topaz Horizon blog post ever and why. Or tell me about one time my blog helped you. Or tell me if I made you buy something haha. That's it!

Easy, right? Basta gusto ko lang malaman if may katuturan pa ang blogging ko haha I know there is, okay. I feel like whether I have readers or not, and whether everyone has moved on to TikTok or nor, I will keep blogging because I just love it. Sixteen years of blogging this 2022. Imagine that!

So just leave a comment! I don't mind whether I get 100 answers, or 20, or even just 5. What matters is my Loyal Readers, the ones who are still around after almost 16 years, are the ones who join and win these prizes. I want to see your names below, okay! 

Please also include your Facebook name or Instagram handle so I know how to contact you if you win. 

I'll publish the comments on Friday night, and announce the winners on February 5, Saturday.

Good luck!



Giveaway winner: Nerisa of Wanderful Mom

Book and candle winners: Noreen DVB and MJ Lagrimas

Please send a message to my blog's Facebook page to claim your prize!

None of the products is sponsored. They are either mine or were given to me but I'd like to share them with you! But if you'd rather buy these awesome products, here's where to get them:

Not Invisible memoir - Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Shopee (signed copies)

Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice - all grocery stores and supermarkets,,, and

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate - Rustan's and Zalora

Flawless Age Defy Super Serum - Flawless clinics and website

Flawless Underarm and Body Lightening Deoconcealer - Flawless clinics and website 

Belle de Jour Power Planner - I Love BDJ


  1. Hello, Miss Frances. I love reading your blog because I can relate about your posts on motherhood, especially the raw, painful ones which not many mom bloggers talk about. Like you, I have 3 kids (12,3 and 1) as well and while I do not enjoy it all of the time, I love my kids to bits. I feel lost sometimes when I am up to my eyeballs in childcare and chores and I find your words comforting. They make me feel like I am not alone and I will get throught this tough season of motherhood. Thank you for you and your blog. May God bless you more.

    1. Yes, I think it should be talked about more - how motherhood is such a complicated state. There is love, of course, but there are also many feelings of isolation, sadness, grief... It's hard to talk about these emotions because people don't want to hear them. "Be grateful!" or "Ginusto mo yan!" But our dreams - from the simplest wish to the wildest success - never come easy. So we have to talk about all the hardships that come with such an amazing thing like being a mama =)

  2. I'm new to your blog (sadly!) because I discovered it only lately but I've been a loyal reader since then and I've been reading your old posts, too, since you write so well. I just have a horrible memory so I can't remember which one is my favorite. But it's always the personal posts I like best because you let me in your mind and your world and it's like getting to know you. My FB is sf.hospex

    1. Hello hello! Welcome to my little old space on the web! Yes, everyone tells me I should write personal posts again. I will! Just been very busy with life and 3 critters who call me Mama haha

  3. Wow! I’ll join this giveaway not just because of the amazing prizes but because I want to somehow give you affirmation that yes, may katuturan pa din ang pagbo-blog mo hahaha

    When I became a mom some 10 years ago, I would browse through the internet not to look for mommy products recommendation, but moreso to look for mommy experiences I can relate to. There were two mommy bloggers that I love reading their blogs (you and Mommy Fleur). Time had passed, I started blogging na din (not as religiously as you do), I have read so many mommy blogging sites too, but after 10years (when the busyness of work has already drowned me), I still go to my browser, open the two mommy blogging sites I love to read in the past decade weekly (di na kaya ng daily haha). I’d laugh just looking at my browser na may short cut button to TopazHorizon and MommyFleur.

    If you’d ask me what my favorite blog you’ve written so far? It was from your old mommy blog (Topaz Mommy). It was the reader question I sent you about “How did you manage to love both your boys, Vito and Inigo? How can a mom squeeze in another person in her heart and you feel like you already are complete with just one?” (Wala pa si Piero nun). You have a very long answer dun, but what I remember was you writing na pag naging mommy ka ng 2 kids, you don’t divide the love, you multiply it. I guess you multiplied it by 3 na! Hahaha

    Anyway, happy 16 years in the blogging world! And please, write more about the British Royals! I love reading your thoughts about them. Hahaha

    1. Awww yes! Love is multiplied! Isn't the heart a wonderful thing. In many ways, being a mommy made me understand how God can all love us - all billions of us. Kaya talaga ng puso mahalin lahat ng anak natin!

      Aaaaaand CONGRATULATIONS! You won the big giveaway!!! DM me sa Topaz Horizon FB page!

  4. I bought Wolvit Biotin because of you! Haha. Nakita ko kasi post mo humaba pati lashes. Then natuwa rin ako sa pretty "daster" reco mo sa Shopee. 😁 One of my fave blog posts here is your Mama's prayer for her children's life work. I'm not a mama myself, but I kept a screenshot of it because it was so beautiful. Please keep on writing, Frances! I still prefer reading blog posts over watching YouTube (the latter makes me sleepy). 😁 I'm @luckycitrine on IG.

    1. Haha did it work??? I'm still taking Wolvit but for my lashes I'm now using Browhaus Extend It. SUPER WORKS!!!

    2. Thanks for reminding me of this post. Must pray this again for my kids!

  5. You inspired me from your motherhood, wife and career life stories Ms. Frances. One that is truly unforgettable was your story about your relationship with your mother and her dreams for you. I know she has been smiling for all that you are now. And YES, your book helped me go through changes in midlife as a wife. Daghang Salamat Ms. Frances and please continue writing you'll never know how you empower women with your honest and substantial writing in this digital world.
    PS. Thank you for replying when I asked you about your beauty regimen, I was super giddy with your reply.

    God bless you always and your boys.

    FB: June Lyn Lasco Balingit - Sta Cruz

    1. Thanks, June Lyn! Grabe, no? Life talaga is all about changes and we'll just have to learn to be gracious and loving no matter what happens. I'm happy I can be of help to you. Kailangan talaga natin magtulungan!

    2. Thanks so much for reminding me of this blog post!!! You made me cry again haha -

  6. I started following you around 2014, I cant believe it has been 8 years. I have so many favorites from motherhood to wifehood and even career. Its hard to choose to be honest, but the blog post that was a defining moment for me as a follower was the post about your Husbands wisdom teeth a few years back🤣🤣🤣. Because thats when I realized that you can write about the most mundane topic and my excitement to read it from start to finish is just the same, I would normally re-read your blog posts 2-3x so I can learn about life, grammar, career, vocab, being true and raw and so much more. Love your blog forever and ever. Cheers and more blessings to you and your fam Ms. F.

    Noreen dvb

    1. OMG haha talagang wisdom teeth talaga! I am so happy my blog helps you learn stuff, even about teeth. That's the point of this blog - to be of help, even if it's just to make you women smile =)

    2. I found it! haha

  7. Hi! My recent favorite Topaz Horizon blog is about the Covid Care Kit. It really helps to be prepared. Napabili din kami ng Watson's Vitamins. Thank you. 😊

    1. Yes, always good to be prepared! When COVID finally entered our home, we were ready!

  8. Blog about your Dad
    MJ kuyaineng IG

  9. I enjoy all your online writing but my faves have to do with your rabbits. I know you hardly talk about them on your blog (Blue being the latest) but I do have rabbits on the brain.

    1. Haha yes I should show Blue once in a while. She's the prettiest rabbit we ever had and siya pa yung walang blog posts haha She's so masungit kasi!!!

    2. I think this is the only blog post I have of Blue! And you remembered her! I appreciate that -

  10. Hello Ms. Frances! I have been following your blog since when Vito was a baby, I stumbled upon your blog and since then have been avidly following your posts. I am also a mom of 3 boys - 11, 8 and 6. I can always relate to your posts about raising boys of almost the same age as mine, each being uniquely distinct from the other. I had my boys early so my circle of friends have younger kids so when I need encouragement and whenever I feel overwhelmed with my boys, I go back to your old posts and I am reminded that I am not alone, if other moms can handle it, so can I. :) - ig handle: devillabea :)

    1. Moms of boys!!! We have such a huge responsibility to raise good men! We need to uplift and encourage each other =)

  11. Hi, Frances! I've been following you since 2013. Kung ilan taon ang eldest ko, ganun katagal na rin akong follower ng blogs mo. I miss your mommy blog so much! By the way, I like all your posts, because they are all well-written but my top 3 are: when you share your two cents about the royals, when you share your favourite houses (especially the tiny house) and when you talk about the realities of being a mom because I can relate to them!

    More, more years on blogging. And belated Happy Chinese New Year!
    -Famay Idea

    1. Thank you for being a Loyal Reader! And still following my blog kahit na wala nang Topaz Mommy =) Sige na nga, more royals!!!

  12. Eek! I have so many favorites! Haha! Your writing just resonates with me so loudly that it sometimes makes me feel exposed.

    My most recent favorite is your THIS IS MINE post. I even wrote a comment and then regretted leaving it there that I contemplated deleting afterward because it just made me feel so vulnerable. That would defeat the post's purpose though so I left it there. You see, I have always had this internal battle of I deserve this VS someone else is better at this. Last year I decided to work on my confidence a lot harder and that post could not have come at a better time.

    I would also like to share that I read a post you wrote about Iñigo back when I didn't have a child yet; about his little heartbreaks and your guilt. It made me tear up back then. Now that I'm a mom myself, I sometimes think about that post and how something that I read years ago resurfaced because it's more relevant for me now. I could not bring myself to look for it and read it again though, baka humagulgol lang ako. :D

    Thank you for always sharing your experiences, thoughts, and feelings with us. I appreciate it so much.

    Joyce Hernandez-Lagrimas (MJ)

    1. Yes! We have to claim our place in the world. No more shame for our dreams, hard work, and success! Thanks. MJ!!!

    2. Here's the post about Inigo:

    3. Waaa forever saving this pero baka di ko muna basahin ulit hahahuhu


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