Thursday, September 03, 2009

Jeans are love

Gap launched their 1969 Premium Jeans last night at the Bonifacio High Street store. Vince and I went to check it out. We don't own Gap jeans, you see, as we are die-hard Levi's wearers. I've been wearing Levi's since I was 13, then I switched to Guess in college, then to Lee and Ensembles in my early 20s, then I went back to Levi's. Vince, meanwhile, only wears Levi's. The Gap jeans look nice and comfy and sleek enough... so maybe we'll go try them out soon!
Me in my Gap shirt That's the always gorgeous Ruby Gan of Schu and Myth, the always elegant Rorie Carlos of Town & Country, me and Vince Kat Dy of Cosmopolitan looking very boho-chic
We like the flutes of champagne--that's how you should shop!
The Gap 1969 Premium Jeans are available at all the Gap stores: Bonifacio High Street, Megamall, Mall of Asia, Shangri-la Plaza, Glorietta 4, Trinoma, Robinsons Place Manila and ATC.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Rose with no thorns

My sister-in-law Rose is the perfect example of silent strength. She's very feminine and quiet, traits which people mistake as shyness or weakness. I certainly thought so and how wrong I was!

In my last post on my Magnificent Women Series, some of my readers didn't believe me when I said I can be very unpleasant. Well, this confession might change your mind!

I have caused Rose unimaginable pain because I had treated her as someone who wasn't good enough to marry my younger brother. Despite her deep commitment to him, despite her utter devotion, despite their being together since they were toddlers, despite everything! I was immature and cruel, a sister's jealousy gone bad. And my jealousy can be nasty and extreme. If this were a telenovela or a soap, Rose would be played by a long-suffering Kristine Hermosa and I would be played by... hmmm, I dunno, just someone really bitchy and speaks English all the time!

She did tell me off finally--gently but firmly--which shocked me to offer an apology. Though you might think it would be war from then on, Rose has embraced me and loved me and shown me that her formidable strength of character lies in patience, forgiveness and grace--traits which I now hope to instill in my own life.

Retro photo! Yes, this is how long they've been a couple!

Rose, thank you for showing me how a wife can serve her husband without losing herself and for taking care of my brother who can be the most absent-minded person ever. And though I resisted welcoming you into our family, you have only opened your arms wider and instead took me in... and my family, too! You take care of everyone I love even more than I do, showing me in your quiet way how a daughter, a sister, a woman should be. You have shown me that a woman's heart can be immense and that to take the world into one's heart is most possible, most important and most beautiful.

Magnificent Woman 1: Jacqui

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I am surrounded by magnificent women

I have never seen myself as a good person. Impatient, judgmental, quick to anger, selfish, proud, rude... those adjectives are all appropriate in describing me. I do have a few redeeming qualities--I am fair and just and I am fiercely loyal. That's about it!

Because I am quite unpleasant, I have few friends. And if I had been any unluckier, I would have no friends at all. But God is good and He, in His infinite wisdom, saw that punishment would only harden me and that the best way to break my hardened heart is with love. So He sent some of the most magnificent women my way, and these women have all broken my heart with their kindness, uncovering within me someone who can actually be good.

In the tradition of my friend Mariel's Inspiration Series, I'm embarking on the Magnificent Women Series to honor the women who inspire me every day. I'm starting with my sister, Jacqui.
Theater actress, singer, scuba diver--she's sweet
but she's also one tough cookie

If there is anyone in the world who has most reason to hate me, it is Jacqui. Not only have I cut her down so many times, I've also neglected her.

And yet Jacqui is always happy to be with me even though I am sure to make her cry sooner or later. I know that she looks up to me, which strikes me as strange since I'm hardly a role model. But because she constantly forgives me and just by the sheer force of her devotion, I have found myself changed, and I want to be a good sister to this gentle soul.

Jacqui in the crazy psychedelic pantsuit
I promised to show you in this post

Dear Jacqui, I love you. You've taught me the value of second chances because you've certainly given me new chances to redeem myself over and over again. You may be 12 years younger than me but you've taught me more about love than I can ever hope to teach you. Thank you!Ate