Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I am surrounded by magnificent women

I have never seen myself as a good person. Impatient, judgmental, quick to anger, selfish, proud, rude... those adjectives are all appropriate in describing me. I do have a few redeeming qualities--I am fair and just and I am fiercely loyal. That's about it!

Because I am quite unpleasant, I have few friends. And if I had been any unluckier, I would have no friends at all. But God is good and He, in His infinite wisdom, saw that punishment would only harden me and that the best way to break my hardened heart is with love. So He sent some of the most magnificent women my way, and these women have all broken my heart with their kindness, uncovering within me someone who can actually be good.

In the tradition of my friend Mariel's Inspiration Series, I'm embarking on the Magnificent Women Series to honor the women who inspire me every day. I'm starting with my sister, Jacqui.
Theater actress, singer, scuba diver--she's sweet
but she's also one tough cookie

If there is anyone in the world who has most reason to hate me, it is Jacqui. Not only have I cut her down so many times, I've also neglected her.

And yet Jacqui is always happy to be with me even though I am sure to make her cry sooner or later. I know that she looks up to me, which strikes me as strange since I'm hardly a role model. But because she constantly forgives me and just by the sheer force of her devotion, I have found myself changed, and I want to be a good sister to this gentle soul.

Jacqui in the crazy psychedelic pantsuit
I promised to show you in this post

Dear Jacqui, I love you. You've taught me the value of second chances because you've certainly given me new chances to redeem myself over and over again. You may be 12 years younger than me but you've taught me more about love than I can ever hope to teach you. Thank you!Ate


  1. Franz, this is so sweet.
    Reading your post got me teary eyed. You're both lucky to have each other. =)

  2. Your friends may be few, but if they're good, then they're all you need.

    I love this post--I have a younger sister whom I adore. I think I'll go give her a hug right now.

  3. You're far from unpleasant, Frances! You have a kind heart with an infectious laugh that can brighten crappy days. You are, most definitely, a magnificent woman in your own right. You inspire me to be best I can be and I will forever be grateful for all the things you've taught me. :)

  4. What a sweet sister you are! You and Jacqui are lucky to have each other.

  5. Aww, Neighbor, I don't find you unpleasant at all! You're kind and generous, and wonderfully loyal to the people you love. At the most I'd say you're brutally frank and speak your mind with abandon—which are reasons I'm sure why your friends, including myself, love you :)

    Whenever I read Auntie Eee's column, I actually get reminded of you! She's strikingly straightforward, yet at the same time, lovable.

    Thanks for mentioning my Inspiration Series by the way!

  6. such a sweet post..

    made me guilty not keeping in touch with my sis..

    thanks for sharing.. it's really so inspiring..

  7. I refuse to believe you're unpleasant! LOL. Convince me.

  8. This is just too sweet Frances...made me love & appreciate my sister more!!!

  9. What a lovely post. I don't know what I would do without my little sis!

  10. That is so sweet. I don't have any sisters, and the girlfriends who would have been the sisters I never had are not as close to me as I would want them to be right now. So I envy what you have with your sis.

    I do have a brother though and I know he loves me, even when he can't admit it. Hehe :)

  11. Oh my, I think you're being a little hard on yourself, Frances :)
    Selfish? Rude? These last months I've gotten to know you through your blog, and these traits definitely don't describe you!

  12. Hey Kabbie, thanks! Coming from you, what you said really means a lot. Believe it or not, you inspire me, too--me and the rest of the OK! staff actually! =)

    NY Minute, I love Auntie E! I'm always, "My thoughts exactly!" when I'm reading her column =) And thanks, neighbor! Love ya!

    WendyB, my next post just might!

    Kristin, me too!

    Vera, you're so sweet! My younger brother doesn't tell me he loves me either... but I know it! Haha.

    Duni, I like to think I've become a better person as I age =)

    Thanks, everybody =D


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