Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Rose with no thorns

My sister-in-law Rose is the perfect example of silent strength. She's very feminine and quiet, traits which people mistake as shyness or weakness. I certainly thought so and how wrong I was!

In my last post on my Magnificent Women Series, some of my readers didn't believe me when I said I can be very unpleasant. Well, this confession might change your mind!

I have caused Rose unimaginable pain because I had treated her as someone who wasn't good enough to marry my younger brother. Despite her deep commitment to him, despite her utter devotion, despite their being together since they were toddlers, despite everything! I was immature and cruel, a sister's jealousy gone bad. And my jealousy can be nasty and extreme. If this were a telenovela or a soap, Rose would be played by a long-suffering Kristine Hermosa and I would be played by... hmmm, I dunno, just someone really bitchy and speaks English all the time!

She did tell me off finally--gently but firmly--which shocked me to offer an apology. Though you might think it would be war from then on, Rose has embraced me and loved me and shown me that her formidable strength of character lies in patience, forgiveness and grace--traits which I now hope to instill in my own life.

Retro photo! Yes, this is how long they've been a couple!

Rose, thank you for showing me how a wife can serve her husband without losing herself and for taking care of my brother who can be the most absent-minded person ever. And though I resisted welcoming you into our family, you have only opened your arms wider and instead took me in... and my family, too! You take care of everyone I love even more than I do, showing me in your quiet way how a daughter, a sister, a woman should be. You have shown me that a woman's heart can be immense and that to take the world into one's heart is most possible, most important and most beautiful.

Magnificent Woman 1: Jacqui


  1. Unpleasant... whatever! You're just being a protective big sister. :) That's a gorgeous wedding picture by the way. :)

  2. You judged someone wrongly and learned a lesson and corrected it. That hardly makes you a bad person. Just human. Most people never bother to correct their opinions, I would say, so you're ahead of most.

  3. Hi Frances! LOL @ " would be played by... hmmm, I dunno, just someone really bitchy and speaks English all the time!"

    I love this magnificent Woman series of yours. :)

  4. I have to salute her, ate Frances..=)

  5. Oh, wow. Another post I can relate to. My younger brother just proposed last Sunday to his long-time girlfriend (and her name is Ros, hehe). I can understand your resistance and the feeling that NO ONE is good enough for our younger siblings. Your brother is one lucky man, just as I know my brother will be once he's married. :D I guess that makes us lucky ates.

  6. oohhh.. it's like women of the month all over again!! :) i love this series.. really inspiring.

    who haven't been bitchy one time or another? :) great you found enlightenment and that all is well already. :)

  7. I think she's really magnificent. But I know, that you are, too :)

  8. How sweet. Here's to you and rose. SILs turned true sisters. : )

  9. congratulations on being a big enough person to see the error of your ways and make amends!
    It takes guts to do that :)

    Also thanks for the reminder to dig a little deeper when forming impressions on ppl

  10. You would be played by Alessandra De Rossi, though she doesn't sound well speaking English. Hmm... maybe Dimples Romana, or Iya Villana. Haha, halata tuloy puro Kapamilya teleserye lang pinanonood ko! :)

    I salute your sister-in-law, she truly sounds like a magnificent woman :)

  11. Ladies, you are all too kind and too funny =)

    Yes, my brother's not the only lucky one to have Rose! The entire Amper family is grateful she's now one of us! She makes us look good =)


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