Friday, December 14, 2018

A bottle of Welch's sparkling grape juice for fancy family fun!

Hello, mamas! I am halfway through my gift list this Christmas and I'm giving every family I love a bottle of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice! Why? Well, three reasons: one fun yet wholesome, one just practical, and the other almost embarrassingly religious haha.

First, I'm a mommy and I like to have fun, too, when my family celebrates happy occasions like birthdays, good grades, and the holidays. So what better time to break out a bottle of bubbly? It's the best time for bubbles! But alcohol is not an option for my three little kiddos. So we were delighted when a few years ago, we discovered Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice. It's basically juice with bubbles. No alcohol!

My second reason Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice is a great gift to give to families other than so the kids can drink, too? Well, not everyone likes wine. Pinoys especially are not a wine-drinking country. According to my husband who researched this for an ad campaign when he was still an ad man, we Pinoys drink gin and brandy. We don't drink wine. Soooo why do we keep giving bottles of wine on Christmas??? Now, since I'm not a fan of any kind of alcohol myself, I shouldn't give gifts that might encourage any kind of fondness for the bottle. So Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice to the rescue! It looks like a bottle of champagne, it's fun like a bottle of bubbles, but it has no alcohol!

Last and basically the biggest reason I'm giving my family bottles of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice is, well, we're Born Again Christians. And not just any Born Again denomination—we're Baptists, the most fundamentalist of them all. We've been told over and over again that wine is the drink of the devil so my family's pretty much spiritually allergic to any kind of alcohol. It's so crazy, this avoidance of spirits, that my husband was incredulous when I said we can't have any alcohol at our wedding because the Born Agains might walk out hahaha! Vince protested, "Even Jesus had wine at the Last Supper!" So at our wedding, Vince had to whisper to our other guests that they can secretly order at the bar so as not to offend my deeply religious family. But this Christmas, I'm going to prank my family by giving them Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice because it looks like wine but it isn't! It's just wholesome fun in a bottle!

So, dearest mamas who want to have more fun in your parties but don't want anyone to get drunk and make a mess out of your beautiful homes, here's my advice: Get bottles of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juices. Made of the freshest Concord and Niagara grapes, they're available in effervescent white and grape flavors. I love them! Even my husband, who used to adore alcohol, is now a convert (to Welch's non-alcoholic drinks, not to Born Again Christianity ahahaha).

My son IƱigo is especially fond of this bubbly juice. He thinks it's a fun drink, and he loves that it's better than the cola he's not really allowed to drink because that's full of sugar. Welch's Sparkling Juices are just 100% natural grape juice. With bubbles!!!

You know what, bubbles and sparkles just add so much joy to any party. You can serve and/or bring this as a gift anytime of the year. Everyone's going to enjoy it—young and adults alike. And, at only P235 a bottle, it's so affordable, even if it looks so fancy. Welch's Sparkling White Grape Juice and Welch's Sparkling Red Grape Juice are available at all leading grocery shops and supermarkets. Grab all the bottles of sparkles you can find and have a bubbly but healthy holiday season!

Share your experience with Welch’s Sparkling Juices on the Welch's Ph Facebook page. Follow the Welch's Ph Instagram account and #ShareWhatsGood at every happy celebration!

*This post is brought to you by Welch's Sparkling Juices.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I love my new Electrolux Nutri-Fresh Inverter ref! Here's my review!

New baby in the house! It's so sleek and chic!

I have a new ref!!! It's my favorite new baby and I'm going to do a little review of my fabulous Electrolux ETB4602AA Nutri-Fresh Inverter refrigerator today and another post next month on how I organize my ref shelves.

For today, let's do a review! I've had my new ref for about a month now so I can do a good review. I really waited to check all its features, and if the food really stays fresh longer, and if it's a good fit to my lifestyle as a working mom of three little boys. Here’s what I found:
Such a big freezer!

What I love

1. It's so compact and yet so big!
It occupies about the same space as my previous ref but it can hold double the stuff! I can't understand the math of it! I have so much space now, I don't know what to do with it. The freezer is huge! I used to tell my husband and kids when we do the grocery, "Choose: more ice cream or meat for real food?" Because if I buy a tub of ice cream, I can fit just a week's worth of meat for cooking. Now, we can have up to 3 tubs on top of that meat!

I can't stress enough how space is such a big deal for me. I have three growing boys who can't seem to stop eating so I must always have food in the house. So I needed a big ref. The problem is I live in a condo so I can't get a ref bigger than the space allotted to it by my small kitchen. I just really accepted that this is my fate—to do weekly groceries because my ref is small. But more trips actually makes grocery shopping cost more—on the wallet and on my time. But with my new ref, I have all this space so I can really stock up, saving me lots of time and trouble. If you're a busy working mama like me, that's the best news of all!

With my new Electrolux Nutri-Fresh Inverter ref, I have soooo much space inside even though the outside is essentially still the same size! I didn't need to renovate my kitchen because I didn't need to give up more kitchen space for this ref. I super love it! So if you're a mom like me who has a small house but a big family, this is the ref for you!

Clear glass spill-proof shelves make everything visible. Good-bye, forgotten leftovers!
Adjustable shelves and clips for opened bags of food.

2. It literally keeps everything fresh longer.

It's not called Nutri-Fresh for nothing. I actually didn't really put much stock on this feature. "All refs cool food," I said. And as a busy mama who sometimes runs out of time to cook, there have been many sad instances when my fruit and veggies dry up or rot in the crisper. Not anymore! My fruit and veggies really do stay crisp far far longer than before (vs my previous ref) and they look and taste like I just bought them even after a week. No kidding!

Now I also have a pet rabbit who loves her green leafy veggies. Before my Electrolux ref, I literally had to give her more than her allotted ration of veggies because the leaves wilted fast. Now, because my veggies are fresher longer, I can feed our bunny more healthily! Hooray!

3. The temperature is even throughout the ref.

My previous ref kept everything cold alright. So cold, they froze. No matter how much we tinkered with the controls, some shelves had frozen food, some shelves got warm and the food stored there went bad. With my Electrolux Nutri-Fresh Inverter ref, the temperature on each shelf is constantly cool because of the 360 Air Cool feature. The air is circulated properly so no shelf gets too cold or too warm. I love it!

Check out this link so you can be impressed with all the superior technical features of the Electrolux ETB4602AA Nutri-Fresh Inverter ref!

It's so high-tech, mamas! I was sobrang nagulat! Hindi fake reaction yan!

It's safe to say I'm sooo in love with my new ref! When my old ref conked out a few months ago, I didn't know which brand to get as a replacement. I asked my friends and they recommended this and that. Finally, I decided I wanted to check out Electrolux, pretty much because almost all my appliances are Electrolux. Plus, I grew up with the brand. And when I tried other brands, I just got disappointed (for example, the previous ref).

Now household appliances are not cheap. So when they don't perform well or they don't make my life easier, then I just wasted a lot of money. For me, Electrolux has made my life consistently better. Always worth every centavo! So we got an Electrolux ETB4602AA Nutri-Fresh Inverter refrigerator and I'm soooo glad we did!

Even the baby approves! Good job, Electrolux!

If you're shopping for a new ref now that you have your bonus (congrats! Freelance me misses that!), Electrolux has amazing Holi-deals! You can get up to 25% discounts and/or freebies with each purchase. That's my public service announcement, mamas. I don't get any commissions—I just really want you all to have an Electrolux home like me!!!

Check the Holi-deals Sale here:
Washing Machines and Dryers (Mine is a front-load washer/dryer and it has made me enjoy laundry so much - Electrolux Ultramix Time Manager Washing Machine review)
Stoves, Ovens and Range Hoods (I have a range hood and it really sucks up the cooking smells. Very powerful!)
Vacuum Cleaners and Air Conditioner (My vacuum is the silent one—Electrolux UltraSilencer Green—click that link because there are cute videos! I plan to replace all my A/Cs next.)

Happy shopping!!!

Monday, December 10, 2018

I don't know 'bout you but I'm feelin' 42!

We're happy, free, confused, 
and lonely in the best way
It's miserable and magical 
Oh yeah...

I hope Taylor Swift doesn't sue me for using her lyrics to describe how nice and strange my first month as a 42-year-old woman is. She may think 22 is miserable and magical, but 42 is just the same. I think every age is, come to think of it.

I can't speak for every 42-year-old woman out there but my misery comes from being an exhausted mother and working endlessly for money that goes straight to your kids' school and tummies. What is this drudgery haha

But I can't really think about the misery because it's such a happy time, too, and oh so magical! With three wonderful children, all of us so healthy and strong, eating 3 or more meals a day, cocooned in a comfortable home with Netflix, toys, books, food, hot water running from the taps, clothes on our back, heavenly beds to sleep in, and surrounded every single day with hugs, kisses and laughter, how can I complain? I'm in such a good place. Thank You, God!

As for freedom, well, despite the encroaching decay that comes with age, I have never felt more confident of my beauty and my body because I'm finally free from insecurity and obsession with image. It comes from 4 decades of getting to know my body and finally becoming friends with it. Much of that acceptance and awe comes from me finding out it has super powers after pregnancies and births and the ability to still make my family's life amazing despite 0 hours of sleep. Sure my belly is large and soft, my eyes are showing years of tears and joy and hard work, my neck is starting to fold into itself, my hands are wrinkled with household chores, but now I see these as marks of a life well lived and loved. To be finally free to LOVE ME is a gift!

And yes, there's confusion still. But only because we live in such strange times where people I used to admire turned out to be supporters of evil and untruths. Also, I'm only 42 but I don't really know what the future holds in terms of my career so I don't know what dreams to dream anymore. The world is changing so fast, I don't know what my place is in it. I'm just living one day at a time and hoping that work that I love and will love me will come my way this new year. And of course, as a mother and a wife, I never really know what I'm doing. I know I'm supposed to just love them, but love isn't easy and I'm forever questioning myself if this is a loving response or not. Tough, being a mom and wife!

As for lonely... I guess every parent feels lonely. Maybe not all the time, but some of the time. I wish there were family and friends to help me out in this life, but everyone's so busy. Even me. So even if they have the time, I don't. And that's okay. I've learned to fold into my books, enjoy my own company, and pray. Yes, pray. God's the only one around all the time. Also, the only one who cares for me and my own every second of forever. Everyone disappoints, sooner or later. So the sooner you put yourself in God's hands, the sooner you understand that it's okay for the world to come up short because your joy and peace lie in eternity anyway.

I hope you all have a relationship with God, mamas, if you also sometimes feel sad and lonely. And happy! God isn't here just for the bad times. He's there all the time. We just need to remember that and appreciate it!

So I'm 42! It's off to a great start, despite it being absolutely ordinary. I love my normal and ordinary life. I've come to appreciate how normal is safe and comfortable. As long as my boys are healthy and safe, I'm healthy and safe, food is on the table, and a roof is over our heads, what more do I need?

Well, a dog. I want a dog more than anything. A fluffy tri-color corgi with a big head and big paws to be specific. But that's for another birthday maybe many years from now if we ever get to own a house with a yard. Till then, and even if that puppy never ever becomes mine, I'm happy with all that I have—the good, the bad, everything. It's a wonderful life and I am oh so grateful!