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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The end of TomKat

This was the cover of OK! Philippines when the TomKat phenomenon took the world by storm 7 years ago. Ah, 2005. That was the year Brad and Jen split, then Brad and Angelina hooked up, and then Tom and Katie got engaged within a few weeks of meeting, and then both leading ladies of the year's biggest romances got knocked up. Truly an epic year for entertainment magazines!

Fast forward to 2012. This is the year Brangelina finally got engaged and the year TomKat split. Another epic year. Katie was the one who filed the divorce papers, allegedly taking Tom by surprise since he was still singing her praises while promoting Rock of Ages. She's asking for custody of their daughter, Suri, and everyone is leaning forward in their seats, waiting for the ugly divorce and custody war. And this is Tom Cruise, only one of the most powerful men in Hollywood. It's a brave soul who goes up against him and everyone's eagerly waiting to watch how Katie will get what she wants.

But the divorce makes me sad. So many people--the entire world it seemed!--wanted Tom and Katie to fail. We all doomed their relationship from the very start. So each year they celebrated together was a triumph I quietly enjoyed. Then this.

It makes me sad. Tom and Katie fought so hard for their love, they were the epitome of you-and-me-against-the-world, that evil, cynical world. They fought back hard but in the end, the world won.


  1. Sad to hear about the dIvorce. I thought they would really last... Anyways, good luck to Katie...

  2. I am so behind, had no idea they split up. Wasn't a big fan of the union when news first broke out, but also can't help but feel sad about it.

  3. The TomKat split is really such sad news! I was never a huge fan of their PDA moments in public, but they really seemed smitten by each other. They were really inlove. I wonder what happened? I guess we'll never know.

  4. Oh wow! I didn't see that coming! I think I was wondering when this would happen --- cus I thought it was too good to be true, but I didn't realize that it was really going to happen. I always feel sad when marriages end. Haaaaaaay... I feel bad for Suri.

  5. I rolled my eyes at their photos and stuff, but I really thought they would last. I'm also sad about Johnny Depp's split with his long-time partner. Tsk tsk. Why Hollywood why??

  6. the news made me sad as well. I was really rooting for them :( it may have been an awkward jumping on the couch kind of moment for Tom but secretly I was wishing he really did want to jump on the couch and declare his love for Katie...just like in any fairy tale...

  7. I didn't like them either actually but that's because I'm the president of the "Tom and Nicole Forever!!!" fan club LOL

    But when Tom and Katie split... wow, that was really a shock and such a sad event =(


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