Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Iñigo and Vito and me

Vito inspects newborn Iñigo

Very soon, I'll go back to work and this blog will again be filled with the fun stuff, like parties and events and fashion and beauty. This was supposed to be a shallow fun blog so that's the way it should be. But for now let me steep in the most unglamorous life of a frazzled mom whose days are filled with dirty diaper changes, spit up on tees, breastmilk overflow drying on my chest, and soothing an infant and playing (and battling!) with a toddler.

I'm loving every minute. I'm tired every minute. I'm frustrated and exasperated. I'm exultant and joyful. No chi-chi party, no fancy dress, no glamorous whatever can give me what I have now. Happy days!


  1. I love motherhood. I believe every mother is BEAUTIFUL especially if the kids are around. Enjoy the happy days mommy!

  2. sooo sweet! i want to hug my boy now.


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