Saturday, June 23, 2012

Living in gray

Gray is a color associated with dullness, rainy days and gloom. So when designing a living space, gray is the last hue anyone ever thinks of. Well, that's the color I'm seriously considering for our living areas. Why? Because of this:
Not 6-months-pregnant-photo-of-me. The sofa!
Hehe, sorry there's no full photo! It's a sofa I bought for Vince. It was my gift to him for Christmas, Valentine's Day, his birthday and our wedding anniversary. He's been wanting a new sofa for 5 years so last Christmas I figured I oughta give him what he really really wants. We love it! Super. Lesson here: Get what you want, what you really really want!

The gray sofa looks great in the house. We softened it with embroidered and fluffy silk throw pillows. But since I've been looking at bedroom inspirations, I started looking for gray living rooms, too. And they are, my friends, quite beautiful.
Blues and grays are so soothing.
Black, white and gray. And words. Perfect for writers!
A bit austere so the pops of yellow are welcome.
The gray is softened by the big pillows and filmy curtains.
Love the books!
Gray, white and gold. Elegant and chic!
Framed black-and-white photos. Of course!
Very bold! Love the textures and prints!
A bit country class but I love the dark gray walls.
I love the pale yellow curtains!
So comfy and quiet and gorgeous!

I love how the gray is so calming and elegant. I also noticed how the rooms had yellow accents in common. But any accent color will work against the gray anyway--the brighter the better, like pink! Ohhhh, I am so into home-modification mode right now!

P.S. Speaking of gray, who wants to read Fifty Shades of Gray? Watch this space because I'm giving away the book! Soon!

*Living room images from Naura Home Design, His House; Her Help, Rusty Hinges Blog, Homedit, Inspiration for Home, Design Darling, Kunz Design and Furniture and Interior Design 


  1. I think you made a fine choice on the sofa. Gray is the new black. It goes with everything. :)

  2. Oooh! Love the sofa! I've always wanted a big comfy sofa, L shaped and I would claim that L corner! :D Our masters bedroom is gray! I chose that color because I wanted it to be more elegant and grownup (I had apple green before!). It's the same shade as the one on photo with gray white and gold! :D

  3. Gray is love. Just like black, matching other colors with gray will look perfect.

  4. What a coincidence, I just did a gray post a couple of weeks ago. Thinking of repainting our second floor gray. A few years ago (when Domino was still alive), greige was all the rage. But I'm kind of leaning towards pure gray. I've been seeing so many gray rooms--I visited a friend's house recently, and she had a gray wall, and the place just looked so grown up!

  5. Congratulations on Inigo, Frances! I can imagine you must be knee-deep in mommy duties right now.

    P.S. We love grey too. Our bedroom now is in deep deep grey, and we're working on a light grey and white living room. I agree - it's very calming, and it goes with anything!

  6. These photos make me want to redecorate my little space! You are right, gray is quite elegant and soothing. That sofa you bought for Vince, beautiful!

  7. Our bedroom is painted gray! And super cozy and soothing :) Plus it makes the whites (like the sheets) pop and look more inviting.

  8. Oh! And we just got a (dark) gray corduroy office chair earlier today! :)

  9. Dami din namin grey sa bahay! Some columns and mouldings, and higit sa lahat, the sofa and arm chairs! Natuwa naman ako kasi you like greys din. Can't wait to decorate our home tuloy! Super duper dami pang kulang.

    Here's the link pala of our home. Wala pa talagang nk-decorate. Hehe...


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