Friday, June 29, 2012

Another gift from Vince!

This was a complete surprise. Well, he did ask permission first if he could buy it for me (that's married money for you!) and I was so surprised that he wanted to buy me a new camera that I just said, "Sure, buy it for me!" I mean, really, why ever would I refuse? Haha!

It's a Panasonic GF3. I love it! It's so small! You all know we use and love the Olympus cameras but my one whiny complaint about it is it won't fit into my purse. So Vince got me a small camera. Hooray! Here's Vince talking more about the camera and why he got it for me. Thanks, love!

We buy practically all our gadgets from Amazon or from some other online site, have it delivered to Johnny Air NYC, which then ships it to us here in Manila. Why do we do that? Because even with the shipping and taxes, it's still cheaper to buy abroad. Want to do the same? Let Vince tell you how!


  1. i have the GF1, a bulkier earlier version of your new camera baby and we so love it! i know you will too!

  2. Hi Frances. Just reading about this and thinking about the subject of the coolest gifts brought me back to that book I am reading -- your Vince is like Christian Grey hahaha. :-)

  3. hi, did you had any problems using Johnny Air, including valuable items. Once my friends used the PO Box thing for his Amazon purchases, and when it arrived in Manila some boxes are opened, while others are missing its contents. now im scared. thanks

    1. None at all. We tried the PO Box service before and okay naman but we prefer Johnny Air. Super secure, fast delivery, no hidden charges!


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