Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bedroom makeover inspirations

After all the excitement over the Ethan Allen headboard, funny it got eclipsed by the arrival of our son Inigo!

I've mentioned before that Vince and I have wanted a tufted headboard since watching Mad Men.
I love Don and Betty! That gold bedspread, not so much.
And Chuck, too, actually. I wish they had shot more scenes in Agent Walker's bedroom!
Sarah's uber stylish green and white apartment.
Now where can I get mirrored wallpaper? (Hi, Chuck! I miss you!)

Well, the heavens answered and gave me a tufted headboard in the green that I always saw in my imaginings (but I actually wanted white or cream haha). It's been standing majestically in our bedroom for 6 weeks now and I have had all of those 6 weeks imagining a bedroom makeover!

It was inevitable really. If we had gotten a white or cream headboard, it would fit perfectly in our coffee-and-chocolate bedroom. But we got a sea green one so I've been obsessing on redecorating. Of course, we could just follow the design that won us the headboard in the first place:
Behind-the-scenes look is here!

But now that it's actually ours, I want something less Ethan Allen design aesthetics and more Vince and Frances, the amazing design duo! Here are a few inspirations:
The no-brainer white-and-green combo.
Same combo but with wood accents. Kinda boring though.
Add a pop of color, like sunny yellow. Or a fab pink!
Maybe we can keep our current mocha walls.
Black, white and green. 
Or green with gray and glass!
 I love the surprise of the blue walls.
Or maybe we can just keep the room as is and
tell people, "The theme is eclectic." *Roll eyes!*

Very interesting ideas! Very inspiring, too. But it's all mood board stuff for now. Dream stage. Vince says if we're going to spend tons on renovation, we might as well buy a house-house and abandon our condo-house. He does have a point there but I love living high in the clouds so much so maybe this post (hi Vince!) will at least convince the hubby to paint the walls!

*Images from Better Homes and Gardens, Apartment Therapy, Visualize Us, Comfortable Home Design, Decor Pad, The Big Bed Company, Days of Chalk and Chocolate


  1. Ang gaganda ng peg! It would be nice to see the before/after shots and the renovation progress when/if you do decide to do it. One more reason to stalk your blog :)

  2. Nice inspiration for my bedroom renovation.Love the white, green and black theme. For bed spreads, i like it in white. Thanks for posting!AML

  3. It's really great inspiration and I'm so inspired because I am gonna get white bedroom furniture and your above words and idea will help me a lot. Thanks indeed for sharing this.


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