Saturday, June 09, 2012

What I want from Unarosa

I've been telling everyone that I'm selling everything in my closet. Nearly everything I have is for my pre-pregnant body, which was a size 4. Now I'm a 6 and, with my birth-widened hips and milk-filled breasts, I don't see myself shrinking back to 4 anytime soon (or ever). So I need to sell everything so I have money to buy new stuff for my new body.

Then I remembered that for Christmas, Pinky, my old old friend from way back in third grade at Assumption, gave me GCs for Unarosa. I wasn't familiar with the brand. Pinky said the clothes are nice and I'll like them. So I went to their website (but their Facebook page was much better) and she's right, I do like the pieces! Here's what I loved:
Top- P 1,795.00, Pants- P 1995.00, Shoes- P 1,760.00
I love pussy bow blouses. And lace. Vince doesn't like lace (he's reminded of doilies) but I really like that top. I also like the pants. But since I still have a post-partum belly bulge, I don't think I'll look good in it. Yet!

Dress- P 2,090.00, Shoes- P 1,760.00
Love this! This is very Joan of Mad Men. I love the secretary chic, the sexy-modest vibe. I'm just not sure about that hem--I'm hoping a good ironing will fix that. I'll check it at the store.

Jacket - P 2,760.00, Dress - P 2,195.00, Pumps - P 1,930.00
In this photo, it's the dress I like. I love the floral design (very on trend) and the sleek cut (very classic). As for the rest of the outfit, I'm not a jacket/blazer person and I am no longer the platform pump girl either. Motherhood. Sigh! 

 Dress - P 1,330.00, Shoes - P 1,760.00
But motherhood agrees with this classic wrap dress. I definitely like that bodice--perfect for the nursing mama me! UPDATE (June 29): I bought ALL the colors of this dress! Brown, black, gray and white!

Now that I knew what I wanted, I hunted down Pinky's GC and went on panic mode when I saw the expiry was the end of June! Shopping time! And tomorrow's perfect. It's the Pacquiao fight and whenever he has a fight, the malls and streets are empty. So it's the best time to go browsing and shopping. Will do an outfit post soon!

P.S. The model looks like a younger version of Queen Cersei, no?

*Photos grabbed from Unarosa's Facebook page


  1. I love all of your picks, especially the first outfit. I only have two dresses from Unarosa because I'm hardly at a place where there's Unarosa. Hay, I wanna go shopping again, but I am saving all my shopping money so that I splurge it all sa HK when I go with my girlfriends.

    I wish I throw or giveaway all my clothes too, just because I wanna change them all --- but I can't! Hahahahahahaha!

  2. Love the red dress & the white one too... Maybe I should start wearing pretty dresses even if I work from home... Hmmm... :)

  3. I wonder if you're at the mall right this moment trying on the pieces you liked? Happy shopping and hopefully the next post shows you modeling your new clothes for us :)

    1. Alas, I'm not. Fell asleep and was planning to go upon waking up but when I heard Pacquiao lost, sa bahay na lang. Kasi everyone's saying to stay home, galit ang Pilipinas!

  4. Hi Frances. So where are you selling your clothes? Please share the link. Thanks! :)


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