Monday, February 08, 2010

Pregnant pics

As you can see, I'm not showing so much yet. Unless I spent the entire day eating, which I do. Since these were taken just before breakfast, no tummy yet. But by the time lunchtime rolled, people were asking to rub my distended belly.

Touching the tummy really really irritates me. So if you ever meet me, keep your hands to yourself! I have never done that to any pregnant woman. If I have, it was because some super happy mommy grabbed my hand and shrieked, "It's moving!" to my absolute horror. Nope, I have never found pregnancy beautiful or romantic so I'm pretty weepy these days. I think the reason is every pregnant woman I've seen when I was growing up seem to have made it their mission to look as unglamorous and unsexy and undesirable as possible. Thank goodness for Nicole Richie, Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani, Halle Berry and other celebrities who made pregnancy look like a red-carpet affair! Locally, I found Daphne Osena Paez to have been really beautiful when she was pregnant. Pregnant women, take note: You can look fab even when preggy!So now that I'm the pregnant one, I am making sure I look damn gorgeous!  

Here I am wearing a shirt dress. I won't fit in it soon (buttons will pop if I insist!). I am also wearing black support tights--perfect for when you want to prevent the dreaded varicose veins but still look stylish. If you're pregnant like me, there's no need to buy maternity dresses (at least until we're around 7 months and beyond!). It is my belief that maternity dresses must've been designed by people who hate pregnant women.

Yes, I am still wearing 4-inch heels. And I don't want any of you telling me it's a bad thing for a pregnant woman to do. I have noticed with great interest that only ugly, unfashionable women are the ones who tell me to wear flats and tent dresses and to not wear makeup. So if you dare leave a comment telling me I should retire the heels, well, I know what you look like!

Anyway, I love dresses in silk jersey--these hug the body's curves lovingly. This is me in my black silk jersey dress (sorry, forgot to take a full-length one but this has a full skirt). It has stretch so even as I am gaining weight around the boob and tummy areas, I can still look pretty. If you must buy maternity dresses, just browse end-of-season sales where you can get good clearance savings, then you won't have to spend a fortune on those ugly clothes! And accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! I'm wearing enamel bangles with my Vita Fede leather-and-gold bangles. In my hair, my feather headband. Everyone said I looked pretty, and when you're pregnant, that's music to your ears!

P.S. Don't worry about the Coke, my OBG said it's okay to have one caffeine drink a day. It's usually tea but this one time, I had to have a Coke so don't crucify me.


  1. You do look lovely :)
    Hope no-one is picking on you, you sound a little stressed out?

    It's your pregnancy and you can run it any way you like ;)

    I have another sexy pregnant dress suggestion too those streach cotton wiggle dresses look amazing !!

  2. You know, me & my friends are always wondering why pregnant women always, always make it an excuse not to fix their hair & be unpretty? It should be the contrary, don't you think so? I'm thankful to see pretty pregnant celebs, and I promised myself to still be the kikay me when I get pregnant, and now I have another one to cite as example--- you! Happy Monday! =)

  3. You are right about tent dresses, they are hideous! Go on looking pretty :)

  4. Oh Bucca, thanks! Yes, everyone is picking on me!!! I understand if it's from family and friends (er, no) but from complete strangers?! What is it abut pregnant women that invite unsolicited advice from nosy know-it-alls??? I wish I can just hide away for the next 6 more months because everyone's so judgmental--and they say they're just being kind and giving advice. I hate it. I really really do =(

  5. Thanks, Cris, Neuro and Hyper. I tell ya, kind words--real genuine kind words--are hard to come by these days... so I appreciate you!

  6. Wouldn't even guess you were pregnant if you hadn't told us!

  7. Hi Frances, came across your blog through You're one pretty mommy-to-be! Just do what will make you happy and comfortable (unless your OB says otherwise!) and you'll find yourself enjoying this journey.

  8. WendyB, awww, that's sweet. But I'll be sporting a big belly soon! Can't wait actually so people won't think I'm fat. Some people who don't know I'm preggers just say, "Gee, you really gained weight!"

    Llyresh, hellooooo! Thanks for dropping by. I'm a Chuvaness reader, too! And thanks! I'm trying hard to do everything my OBG says. The only thing I'm having a hard time with is drinking my milk. I hate milk!

  9. I loved your look on that one pretty-photographed with Coke on the side. You looked good with the accessories and the outfit. Thank goodness for that P.S. note I almost freaked out seeing that soda in can; because for the longest time despite I'm not pregnant I thought it's a No-No for preggy women. :-)

    Continue being beautiful Frances.

  10. Hi Frances! I dropped by the mommy blog of yours and saw the whole thing grabe yun ha, talagang rant to the highest level. But like what you've said, everyone's entitled to their opinions. It's about going with what makes you feel good and happy.

  11. You're a beautiful soon to be mommy :)

  12. hey thanks for the mention.

    i just wore black jersey forever. i bet you can get away with not buying any maternity fashion. everything now is pregnant-friendly.

    just ignore all the ignorant people. or tell them off - that's good too. i learned how to say "don't touch my belly!" but sometimes they do it too fast. eventually i learned how to say "oh please don't. i have a sensitive pregnancy." haha.

    you really are glowing. from within. can you feel butterflies fluttering inside already?

  13. i am glad that I am living in this era where pregnancy could never be one of the reasons to look unwell.

  14. Hi, Frances. I'm entering this late. By now you've had your baby. I confess that I do this a little differently. I love maternity clothes, and love my belly. I always want to show it off, and instead of minimizing my maternity wardrobe, I love finding the styles that work for me. I buy maternity clothes early. The dresses fit without a bump, and work their way right into the later weeks.

    I love your blog. You have interesting things to say, and you have a good sense of how to look good.
    Pretty, Pregnant Maria


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