Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kat is in school so we miss her

Two weddings are coming up: Mariel's and Nikki's. We're all in a flurry of preparations but there'll be one friend missing from the parties--darling Kat.

Kat and me at the Belle de Jour event, where she made me a speaker.
Kat resigned from her job as the super chic fashion editor of Cosmopolitan to study fashion merchandising in NYC. Years ago, Kat and I would talk about further studies but since life was so good to us (my goodness, we have the best jobs in the world!), what was the point of leaving our cushy lives and becoming a student again? But she told me she wants to take up something fashion so she can work in the mega fashion brands of the world. I told her that I want to freshen up my literature and creative writing knowledge so I can--get ready for this--teach Koreans.

With my buddies Kat and Nicole--the best gals to talk with about love!

Kat said she was thinking of studying abroad. I said I was thinking of enrolling at an online university; after all, I can't leave my husband and rabbit to study! I already looked at schools like the London School of Journalism and Penn Foster Career School. The LSJ appeals to me because it's a British school and my favorite writers are British so obviously I would benefit from British teachers. The Penn Foster school is also known to have successful graduates and, like the LSJ, the courses are quite affordable. Someone sent me an email telling me to check out the online degree programs of Western Governors University but I was pretty disappointed that its offerings are mostly for those interested in business, IT, education, and the health industry. So while I'm sure it's a great school, it doesn't have anything to offer me.

Anyway, these are the stuff Kat and I would chat about late at night, interspersed with gossip and love stories and shopping finds. Then we'd laugh at ourselves for thinking such silly things ("School! So far out!") and we'd go back to our glam lives.

Kat likes her alcohol just as much as she likes her friends!

Little did I know that Kat was actually dead serious. A few months ago, she said she got accepted at the Fashion Institute of Technology. We were thrilled for her! And then she said, "I'm moving to New York City!" And our smiles died. The gang was losing one member and though we were so excited, we will miss her so.

Last month, Kat left for the US of A, her top concerns being: (1) how to fit all her clothes within her luggage capacity and (2) how to look fashionable and not freeze to death while doing so. Typical Kat, she's found solutions to (1)--it involves a smitten man!--and (2)--it involves creative layering. But being a student means no job which means save money, so she won't be able to fly back here to attend the weddings of our friends.  

But she's in school, pursuing her dreams. She's excited and happy, and that's all we ever wanted for such a fabulous girl. I truly want nothing less for Kat. I feel a bit left behind, though! Maybe I should start looking at those online schools again but with a baby on the way and a career to manage, how will I ever find the time? I'm not unhappy, just a little dazed at how our lives are changing. Kat is in New York, Nicole has also quit her fab beauty editor position at Cosmo, Nikki's getting married and I'm having a baby!

This year is going to be more than exciting! I only wish we had more time to be together. Life's happening so fast and that's when you need your friends most, right? Sweet irony but sweet still.


  1. Gosh I'm a bit dazed too :p Ako naman I want to someday get to go to chef school, it costs PHP369,000 for a whole year, gahh! And that's the local one, what about the French Culinary Institute?!

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  3. I always remind myself that there are people who'd kill for my job - but honestly, I'm also getting tired of it. I want to go to art school but the fees are atrocious! So I just decided to paint and paint and hopefully get somewhere from there.

    You've always been one focused lady Frances, so I'm sure you'll get what you want and when you want it. ;) Baka sa susunod nating kita pareho tayong wala na sa magazines and the happier for it. :)


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