Thursday, February 04, 2010

Want, want, want!

I guess you all probably all know that Apple launched the funnily named iPad last week.

Well, I want one. It's the future, my friends. I won't really go into all the specifics and what it can and can't do (this isn't a tech site and my husband can explain it better!) but from what I've seen, it's magic!

This week, Sony also launched their adorable new VAIOs, the super colorful VAIO E. Vince and I were invited to a lovely dinner for the launch but I wasn't feeling well and Vince had to stay at work so we didn't show up. Therese and Avvy of Virtusio, if you're reading this, I'm sorry! Was this the series you were launching? Just wondering...
I think these babies are beyond cute but Sony really has to offer better laptop deals--their laptops are insanely overpriced so, much as I want a VAIO, I bought my HP Mini instead (which I love!) and if I ever get oodles of money, I'd buy a MAC!

Or an iPad. I read that Sony plans to copy the iPad. Sony's CFO Nobuyuki Oneda said, "We are confident we have the skills to create a [similar] product." I'm sure, but again, Sony, you have to make your prices competitive. Since the iPad is only around $500 (P23,000), that's an unbeatable price for such an amazing gadget!

We're definitely getting the iPad come March. But we have to buy that Olympus EP1 first! How about you? Any gadget lusts?


  1. Being an iGeek, I've been saving up for an iPhone, though I've always held back buying it cz I really don't use phones that much. Then the iPad came and I'm glad I never took the iPhone plunge!

    Being an Apple fan girl, however, I'm now wondering whether I should get both now, just to complete my Apple arsenal. It does suck being an Apple geek sometimes. :-D

  2. I would love the VAIO-E but like what you've said, it's still unreachable with it's sky-rocketing price. I would love to get a Mac and still a Sony Cybershot--in pink or red. :-)

  3. i've only been interested in MAC...

    i think SONY is nice especially with all the funky colors, but i dunno..i think mac is just...uhh...mac?


    i wanted the mac book...i hope i'll be able to save up to buy 1 for myself

  4. Many say that it's just a worthless piece of luxury but I don't care. I still want one! My iPhone is nearing its 2nd birthday, it might get too lonely if I don't get the iPad too. Hehe. My boyfriend will have both iPhone and iPad this summer.

  5. Oooh, I want iPad too! Though, I'm not sure if it's practical to buy one. I might just get a netbook instead. :)

  6. Parang I have a love-hate thing for the iPad. One minute I want it, the next I don't. Haha. I don't have a netbook, and I don't have an iTouch or an iPhone, so the iPad is actually perfect for me! I'd probably pass on the first generation though, or wait a few months later before I get one. On other gadget lusts, I soo want to get another lens for my camera!

  7. The iPad is the future of publishing. That's why we're so keen on getting one. Or two! =)


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