Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shopping again... for a hospital!

I'm in St. Luke's Global City. I only came here to interview an OBG for an article on prenatal massage for Smart Parenting magazine. But I found myself roaming about, too!

I like it here. It's so big and new and shiny and bright! The hallways are wide, there's real piano music playing in the lobby which has paintings, sculptures and nice modern furniture. I have other reasons (they're all in my mommy blog) but I forgot to add that I also like that I look so pretty in the mirror of this clinic. And when you're pregnant, you like mirrors that make you look real purty! 
Oh, I'm wearing an oversized tank layered over an oversized t-shirt from Gingersnaps. These are suuuper soft! Shoes are triple-bow gold flats from Schu. Bag is a Longchamp. Necklace is Liz Claiborne (see necklace in the mommy blog post). 


  1. you're one pretty pregnant lady... don't ever say you're not...coz you are... enjoy the up coming months... it gets more and more exciting... :)

  2. Hello Frances!
    I really appreciate your helpful comment on my blog! I agree. That's why I'm slowly moving away from the popular handmade selling venues, because it's too much like ebay on there. 5K for Anya Hindmarches' canvas bag is a bit over the top, I think -- especially since it's not exclusive and too easily copied. Longchamp shopping bags are canvas also - with leather details - much like some of my bags will be.

    p.s. although I may not always comment, I do read along on your mommy blog :)

  3. Can I just say how pretty you look, F? I can see you're having a smooth and happy pregnancy. Yay!

  4. Tine and Teeyah, thanks! Like I said in my mommy blog, the first trimester is over and I think my body is finally recovering from that horrid experience hahaha. Can't wait for the second trimester, which is fabulous I hear! Then it gets bad again, I hear, in the third because you're just huge and heavy! Yikes!

    Duni, when you become a famous designer, please remember me =D

  5. awww... you're a gorgeous mommy :) and don't let anything stop you from shopping!


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