Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas to my lovely readers!

Last week, I posted my wish list. What's on yours? I'm sure it has anything from a vacation to luxe items like designer bags, new phones and maybe even an HDTV (get one! It's totally changed the way Vince and I watch TV!). Anyway, if you're also looking to add a nice designer purse and some pretty lipsticks to your list, let Santa Frances make your wish come true.

I'm giving away this exclusive Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection Lipstick Set. Estee Lauder gave it to me a few weeks ago. It's a special edition set for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (that'll be October). A portion of each sale will be donated to breast cancer research in the hopes of finding a cure. Since it's not available locally, this was just given to me as a token. And what a pretty token it is!

The lipstick shades are all pink (Candy, Rubellite, Tiramisu) and they all come packaged in a mini croc-print  purse. The shades are really pretty. Honestly, I find it so lovely that I want to keep it! But I'm not a lipstick person so I'm giving it to one gorgeous fantabulous wonderful Topaz Horizon reader!

Here's what you have to do:
1. Leave a comment on this post by finishing this phrase: "My favorite Topaz Horizon post is..." and say why.
2. No Gmail or Blogger or OpenID account? Then you can leave your comment on this Facebook post.

That's it! I will be pick the winner on December 20 (yes, I am the one and only judge. This isn't a raffle! I'll read each and every comment and choose my favorite. Wheee!). Then I'll send the prize just before Christmas so that my lucky reader will have a very pretty pink holiday!


  1. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is from April 18, 2007 (http://www.topazhorizon.com/2007/04/vince-and-i-did-it-april-18-2007-villa.html)

    I discovered this link around early 2008 after searching for "pink brown wedding manila villa san miguel" on Google. I was in the mid-planning stage of my wedding at the time; I had picked out my color scheme and venue, and was researching about it. Funnily enough, you had a pink & brown wedding at VSM--imagine that! Since then, Frances, I've been following your blog.

    After reading this entry, I used a lot for research, especially those with your wedding posts and pics (which were so similar to my own wedding, especially the pink and brown theme! I was married on April 12, 2008, by the way, not knowing that we'd both chosen VSM as the same venue.) I even started a blog about my wedding preps: http://pinkbrownbride.blogspot.com

    Since reading that April 18, 2007 post, I learned from your other blog entries that we had more in common than just our weddings: We both come from an editorial background; we're November/topaz babies; we like pink; we are shopping fans; we like dressing up our sons (who are both called Vito!)... and yes, I say it again, we LOVE pink.

    I hope I don't come across as some freakish pink doppleganger. It's really just refreshing to know there's someone out there who is a bit like me, just as girlish, just as "pink obsessed." I'm "tickled pink" at the prize for this contest, too, seeing as it was in fact your beauty blog that gave me the confidence to dabble in makeup for myself, which I wasn't confident about before.

    This is getting long. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that my stars will be aligned, and I'll have a girlishly pink Christmas. :)

  2. Whoops! Correction, Frances: In my last comment, I meant the date of the first post I landed on was April 24, 2007. Your wedding pala was the 18th of April. My mistake. Hope this doesn't disqualify me, lol!

  3. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is the "Because He lives, I can face tomorrow" post. I don't know but that really made me cry, I guess one mom could feel exactly what another mom does. Ever since my little bundle of joy came, my prayers would always be for him, myself, and his daddy's health. I wouldn't want to leave him behind, I wouldn't want him to leave me either. "And life is worth the living just because He lives" Amen to that! Your post was really heartfelt. Have a Merry, Merry Christmas Ms. Frances!

  4. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is "Time to work hard for the money! A baby is coming!"
    Why? Because like you, I also recently gave birth (my baby's 1month and 3weeks today). I'm a work at home mom, with 2 more kids to take care of, I know I should work thrice as much as I used to. I had some dilemma in the preparations part during my pregnancy since my raging hormones kept me from doing anything. Seriously! I was too lazy to work, to do chores, or even get out of the bed. On one of my lazy nights, I was reading your blog (I think I read all of your posts that night! Haha) and got inspired with what you wrote. I need to get up and prepare like you and your husband did because our little girl was coming! Thanks to your post, I was able to do my last minute shopping and asked the hubby for last minute home improvements. Now, I'm addicted to your 3 blogs that its one of the sites I check in the morning after I open my email. :) More power and happy holidays dear Frances!

  5. This is my favorite post:


    How one storm changed my life.

    I find it very touching and somehow can relate to it. I like how you said, "one bad storm was the beginning of a whole new world". Me and my fiance went through some major ordeals (with his health) and during those times, we realized that we can face and overcome any challenge life may bring in the future as long as we got each other.

    Kudos to your blogs! You are one inspiring woman! :) Happy holidays!

  6. Hi Frances! When I saw the pink croc purse, I died and just had to join :P

    But regardless of the prize and what's at stake, I just wanted to let you know why I nominated you to PBA and which post I love the most :)

    I love your blog because I never had a big sister and yours is like that to me. I get to read about stuff I never hear about like what's it like to be in a marriage, that it's work and that there's no plan B. I get to read about things a girl should have. I always get that sisterly feeling when reading your blog because you ooze wisdom without sounding preachy.

    That being said, my favorite post of yours is the one entitled There's No Plan B. I'm a pretty rash decision maker and that made me rethink my values and POV on marriage, among other things. It makes me want to get married, actually! :)

    But on a more serious note, I like that post because it enforces me to gather the willpower to make huge decisions in my life and to stick to them no matter what.

    Lipstick, croc purse or nothing, I love your blog, F! Please keep writing for us headless chickens in the real world.

    Mwah mwah!

  7. I would have to say that my favorite blog post would be Dear Mama. I gave birth 3 years ago and I've always been so unsure about how I should raise my child. I believe in discipline and in instilling values but a part of me can't help but feel guilty when I see my daughter looking sad after I put my foot down. I also feel bad if I neglect her and focus on my husband or on other things. That post gave me hope, that if I raise her well enough she would grow up like you...appreciating and understanding the reasons behind the things I do as her mom.

    I couldn't read it in one sitting though as it made cry over and over again.

  8. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is behind the scenes at OK's staff shoot. Why? Because although you're a new mom, you're able to juggle both work and family at the same time. You showed that being a new mom doesn't hinder anyone from accomplishing what needs to be done. And that's girl power right there. :)

  9. This is my favorite post: http://www.topazhorizon.com/2009/08/horror-movie.html

    You were so honest and you offered us a glimpse of who you really are.
    And I am so happy to 'see' Vito, and how loved he is and how amazing and wonderful and responsible you and Vince are as parents. :)


  10. my favorite topaz horizon post is your radio tour entry because i actually got to hear you speak on video! you are one charming and witty lady and you seem very passionate about what you do.

    i'm also so intrigued about the big royal wedding! i've been following all the updates. it's the stuff fairy tales are made of! :-)

  11. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is the one you made on September 15, 2010 "Because he lives, I can face tomorrow."

    I have been your regular reader for some time now and so I would like to think that I have at least a feel of general sentiment of your blog. Most of the time, although your posts always contains interesting things and thoughts about your career and vince, you mostly talk about events, and other superficial events. I do not mean it in the negative way, just that somehow your life comes off as one long bed of roses eventhough you shared some of your hardships in your earlier years. I am mumbling here.

    Anyway, this post of yours which is my favorite to-date is something else. I personally can identify with it as I have three daughters with ages 6,4 and 8 months. There is so much restrained emotion in your writing that even without the video and it being plain text, it still reached out to me and made me teary-eyed.

    I have the same prayer for my husband, for my daughters and for myself. And because He lives, comforts me as well..

    Rosalyn Aballe

  12. My most favorite (among many) Topaz Horizon post, is the Cinderella post. Your love story with Vince, the insensitive comment, and how brilliant you stated your side. Nobody can own you in your blog, F. I admire you for being so honest everytime. Merry Christmas to you & Vito!

  13. My (most) favorite Topaz Horizon post is: Happiness is spelled like: V-I-T-O because happiness for me spells like: A-R-K-I-N and R-A-I-N-E :)My twins, now 1yo, take up all my energy, I can't even take a decent bath or pee without hurrying up because they're so 'malikot' now. I have no yaya since - forever, yes sometimes I ask myself when is this gonna stop but everytime they smile at me, hug me, and kiss me, nawawala lahat ng pagod ko. Yes, my life is perfect, too :)

    PS. The only thing I put on my 'losyang' face is lipstick because really, haggardo versoza na ako all the time so please pick me haha :)

  14. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is "On shopping budgets" (Published on June 03, 2010) because got inspired by the tips that you shared on how to save/set aside a budget for everything.

    As a newbie blogger, I also got inspired by this post that one day, my blog/s would hopefully earn me extra money—extra income not just for me but for my family.

    Thank you Ms. Frances, you blog not just entertains us but we also learn from your posts.

  15. 1. My Favorite Topaz Horizon is "Happiness is spelled like so: V-I-T-O!" because Vito has beautiful eyes, it gets me excited to have my bundle of joy one day and say "Our Life is Perfect" -(",)-*wink*

  16. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is the "Juggling Act" because it showed a personality I can totally relate to... someone who's not only full of glitz and glamour and the whole excitement of your experiences but also the daily realities you have to deal with everyday of your life. It is truly a juggling act for me also being a working mom with 3 kids! Love your blog, Frances!

  17. Hi, Frances!

    My favorite Topaz Horizon post is this: Mother's Day makes me sad - http://www.topazhorizon.com/2010/05/mothers-day.html.

    It got me teary-eyed when I read it. I know this one is sad and is so inappropriate for the season, but I love how you love your mom. I'd also do everything for my Mama (and Papa). This makes me think that in the end, we need our loved ones more than anything. This Christmas, I wish for a lot of material things, but what I'm quietly wishing for each time I pray is for God to give me more time to spend with my loved ones.

    Merry Christmas, Frances, Vince, and Vito! :)

  18. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is Cruisin' on the Pasig River because it was the first blog that I read in your topaz horizon blog aside from beauty for a living. :)

  19. My favorite blog post is Hear Ye Hear Ye! (http://www.topazhorizon.com/2006/12/hear-ye-hear-ye.html). It just shows that we can do even what the society dictates as a man's job. So what if we are the type that wants to show how we love our man, right? I love this post because I learned so much about love. In love, it is not who did what that matters it is the love (and friendship) that you have for each other. I just hope and pray that one day I will also have the courage to do what you've done (maybe its PS10 by that time lol!). For now, the bf and I enjoys what we have.

  20. My favorite Topaz post is I need assistance. Or assistants written on Saturday, October 17, 2009. You tell me things I never thought of (I thought before that all EICs are like Miranda Priestly (not the ruthless and cynical side but on having assistants every now and then). This post also tells me things that I do know but that I've never quite formulated for myself about that master-slave mentality.

    I may not be a frequent commenter but I love to reading anything in your posts Ma'am Frances. Your post has a blend of humor with knowledge and information.

    Merry Christmas!

  21. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is... well every post with Vito in it!

    I really thought long and hard (really!) about which specific post I like the best but every post with a smiling Vito is my favorite! Like with every baby that I have seen grow (from the time their in the tummy until the moment they're born and their developments) I feel like he's my own flesh and blood. Somehow you feel connected in some way. Honestly. Same with how I feel with Stella Paez.

    I can't wait to have a baby of my own and until that happens I'll continue thinking every baby is my niece or nephew!

  22. My favorite topazhorizon post is the one wherein you posted the evita peroni loot that you got from daphne's blog. I was one of the three lucky winners (i entered because i wanted to try my luck to win evita stuff for my wife - and won).

  23. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is... that Kim Chiu post: "She definitely had her nose done".

    I actually could enumerate lots of posts here but this is the most memorable for me cus i found it hilarious when someone suddenly attacked you about it! Showbiz people are funny! Showbiz fans are funnier!

    I read your blog because in some ways I can relate to you and I love your honesty, most of all.

  24. Hi frances,

    I can't believe I have been following your blog for almost a year now.

    Anyhoo, I like your posts when it shows your human/personal side. I really liked the post about your fake past, and your tagalog post. But one thing that was really stuck to my mind till this day is the "DEAR MAMA" post. I don't know how many times I have read it. Not that I cried over it or anything, but I just find your candidness quite fascinating.


  25. Hi, Frances. My favorite Topaz Horizon post is New Things from Old Things last February 14, 2009. It was very touching how you and your sister looked over your mom’s stuff. I could also relate with the sacrifices your mom made in order for you to get a good education. My mom was the same. I remember when we were younger and Dad still had a job, she would tell me that she would give all her jewelry to me, being the only daughter. However, when Dad retired early, before the three of us got to high school, invested and lost money in lame business partnerships, Mom had to pawn all her jewelry, even their wedding rings, and never got to redeem them, just so we could have money for tuition. So when I started working, I promised myself that I would buy her jewelry and I would treat her out and pamper her, and I did, as much as I could. I know these were nothing compared to her sacrifices up till the time we finished college and beyond.
    If ever you choose this comment, I would give one of the lipsticks to her because it’s the only make up she puts on her face, aside from Johnsons Baby loose powder. The other one I would give to my friend who has ovarian cancer (but I have to check first if it’s OK for her to still put on lipstick).

  26. My favorite post is Hear ye, hear ye dated Dec. 30, 2006. I am currently single and reading Vince and Frances' engagement story made me inspired and realized that there is really someone for everyone. That for every princess is a Prince Charming that awaits.


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