Friday, December 17, 2010

Money makeover

We have new money! And I'm excited to get my hands on it!
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I know some of you don't like the new look but, hey, progress is progress. How is this new look progress? Well, the new money has more security features that makes it difficult to counterfeit. Plus, with distinctly Philippine landmarks on the back of the new bills, they'll make me feel proud to be a Filipino whenever I go shop for stuff. Yep, now buying anything from Vito's diapers and onesies to Vince's candy to maybe a new PS3 (!!!) will feel like a patriotic act!

The new bank notes will be out this month but I have yet to see them. I really really wish they're like Singapore money--the plastic-like paper makes the Singapore dollar smooth, silky, dirt-resistant and moisture-proof. And very very first world. Ya, I know that doesn't change the fact that we're woefully third world but maybe this new money can usher in a new era of wealth and good fortune to us Filipinos!

And with that, I wish y'all a holiday season that's showered with tons of money! Yes yes, love is good but money is a good thing, too. And I for one would love to have more. 

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  1. i like it! i've been looooong bored with our money and i like how it looks like hongkong money.

  2. The new layout certainly reminds me of Singapore or Korean bills. I agree, it would be much nicer if the new money were made out of the plastic-like material Singapore and Hong Kong has. :D

    Don't we all want to have more money this holiday season? Haha!

    Merry Christmas Frances! :D

  3. i can't wait to spend "new money"! i love it! i don't care about the haters! i've long been bored with the way our notes look. these new ones look like hongkong notes...

  4. Hi Frances,

    I am an avid reader of your blog but never got the chance to comment until now (just started my own blog).

    Anyway, I'm liking the new look so far. I've gotten tired of the old design. I also like the fact that they included the landmarks and animals endemic to the Philippines. Hopefully it can help boost tourism from in and out of the country.



  5. Gah I didn't know we have new money! Looks okay I guess. :P


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