Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My New Year's resolutions

Being a ripe old age of 34, I noticed that my New Year's resolutions list has gotten shorter and shorter through the years. But these things have been on my list for ages:
  1. Reduce clutter and mess.
  2. Get fit.
  3. Drink more water.
  4. Wear red lipstick.
  5. Be free from acne and pimple marks and have more even-toned skin!
I'm already working towards making those come true, by the way. First, I have begun purging my closets and organizing my things. Second, I have enrolled in Barre3. Third, well, I'm already drinking water. Fourth, I've enlisted the help of my friend Nicole in finding (and wearing) the perfect red lipstick for me. And last, Neutrogena gave me the complete line of their Fine Fairness collection.

Last Friday, I was invited to witness the introduction of the Fine Fairness Ambassadors at the SM Beauty counters at SM Makati. The ambassadors are Solenn Heusaff, Isabel Roces, Patty Laurel, Georgia Schulze del Rosario, Jane Kingsu-Cheng, Hannah Villasis, Earth Rullan and Phoebe Ann Ramos

From left: That's power blogger and mommy Earth; super cutie Hannah that I met on a trip to Singapore; Phoebe Ann; fellow magazine editor, fellow mommy and now Forever 21 maven Jane; and gorgeous model Isabel
That's my friend's sister, the gorgeous model mommy Georgia; Survivor finalist, model and designer Solenn; and  Patty. 
The always lovely Christine Jacob hosted the event.
Here's the exhibit featuring the ambassadors.
And all together now!
I like that all eight ambassadors are women who look vastly different from each other. You know, they're not one look. Some are dark, some are fair, some are tall, some are short, some are mestiza, chinita and morena. That means that every woman can be a beauty--no matter what she looks like!--and that what matters is clear, smooth, unblemished skin that glows.

With the Fine Fairness line, Neutrogena can make my goal of looking flawless and radiant come true! How? Through its Healthy White Complex which promises to do the following for me: 
  • protect and shield skin from UVA/UVB rays
  • restore to healthy skin by blocking free radicals
  • prevent skin darkening by normalizing melanin production and blocking the appearance of melanin so skin stays clear
  • enhance surface skin renewal
  • help calm and soothe skin to maintain an even tone
There are seven products in the range, all of which I will start using today. I know people usually start doing the things on their resolutions list on January 1 (or so!) but I want to usher in 2011 looking fabulously gorgeous. I'm truly sick and tired of covering up my blemishes with concealer.

Beauty resolution: Be as gorgeous as Solenn. ACK!
How about you? What's your beauty resolutions?


  1. I'm planning to start Barre3 too, but start in the middle of next year, a few months after I give birth.
    But in the immediate future, I will be more diligent in hydrating my skin everyday with moisturizer! :D

  2. Stop smoking, which will leads to skin ageing; eat healthy and exercise; and smile more often!

  3. Yay for red lipstick! I'm determined to take better care of my nails this year, eat better and exercise more! I already started working on it all. I suddenly realized at the ripe old age of much older than 34 that I can't eat so much junk.

  4. What does ACK mean, Frances? I asked about Barre3 too and got the brochure. Am just not so sure about the schedule and if I can actually do it - so I shall wait eagerly for your Barre3 post!

    Patty Laurel has a blog as well, case you might want to link her. She's really cute - writes cute too. It's

  5. Kasama din sa new year's resolution ko ang red lipstick hooray! :)

  6. Solenn is indeed a beauty! And she's a super nice and talented woman!

    You're looking good Frances! Motherhood suits you. ^_^


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