Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bag sadness

Forgive me for being boring but I am seriously in love with these basic black bags:

Mulberry Bayswater, $995

Kate Spade Sutton Place Marielly Cross-Body Bag, $295

I think P43,461.60 is waaaaaay too much for a bag as simple as the Bayswater, and yet because I'm sure I can wear it every single day till forever, the cost per wear definitely makes it very cheap.

Now the Marielly was just love love love. And when I found out that it was selling for $145 last Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, I totally freaked. Sadly, a zillion women must've felt the same way because it was sold out within hours. I found it on eBay but it was sold out within hours, too. I guess it isn't meant to be. Well, P12,885.47 for a simple black bag is a bit too much, no? Yup. Wasn't meant to be!

*photos from Net-a-Porter and Kate Spade


  1. I saw the Marielly at Kate Spade Shang, around 11k I think wah!

  2. But now you (and I) have the Marielly bag, wee! :)

  3. Gifted myself with a mulberry bayswater in oak for my 30th. Been using it everyday to recoup the investment. Love love love it! It's gets nicer as it ages :D Love boring bags!

  4. Good for you! Then I must gift myself with one, too! For my 35th naman =)

  5. all my bags get beat up. i like the look of worn bags. the bayswater has become like a little suitcase for me. it fits everything. its so heavy though.

  6. Daphne, I want the Bayswater talaga! But can't choose between that and the D Bag. Sigh!


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