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Sunday, July 17, 2011

My type of bag!

Been gone a while, I know. Ever since we started on our little sideline, I've hardly had time to breathe! But today I was able to sneak in some eBay window shopping and oooh I fell in love with this clever bag:

It's the Kate Spade All Typed Up Clyde carry all. I love the bold red, the whimsical design. It's so retro-pop cool! I love it! So perfect for a writer. So perfect for me!

The price, however, is not so perfect. It's $695 or P29,850. Its retail price was $495 so I don't understand why the eBay seller jacked up the price. It's also in the US of A which means I'll have to pay extra for shipping. And someone already made an offer (I didn't know you can do that on eBay!) so by the time I save enough to buy it, it'd be long gone.

Sadness! Won't anyone out there buy it for me??? Here's the eBay listing. I really really really want it!!!

Or I can just go to a thrift shop, buy an old typewriter, take out the keys and glue it to my satchel! I think that, on the handmade leather satchel, it will look completely steam punk, though. What you think?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Glad I saw the Cambridge Satchel at schu first!

I spent a few sleepless nights obsessing over the yellow Cambridge Satchel a few weeks ago. Vince ended my agony and told me he'll buy me one for Valentine's Day! Hooray! So off we traipsed to Chocolate schubar at Power Plant and committed by finally scratching the credit card. I'm just waiting for my bag to arrive next month! EQ is being mightily tested!

Now, as I was waiting, someone told me that Kate Spade's SS '11 campaign stars the ethereal Bryce Dallas Howard and leather bags that are soooo similar to the Cambridge satchel. Now I love Kate Spade. I really really do. So imagine my anguish when I saw the ad in this month's InStyle:

Sleepless I was yet again! Look at how gorgeous these are!

And then I saw that the Kate Spade Essex Scout is smaller by an inch and yet P11,000++ more expensive!!! Whew! The Cambridge Satchel is just P5,799 and it's very very British and very very cool. 

You know what the best sleep aid is? Knowing you made the right choice--whether it's as serious as choosing your life partner or as silly as choosing a bag! I'm sooo happy I chose the Cambridge Satchel. Can't wait can't wait!

Want your own? To order, go to schu's Facebook page.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The smell of leather intoxicates me!

And right about now, it's everywhere! Remember when I was going on and on about this bag?
Kate Spade Marielly Sutton Place Cross-Body Bag
Well, blog reader Eper left a comment on my Facebook page saying she found a fabulous deal for me: Kate Spade was on sale and the Marielly was 50% off! I immediately clicked on the link she sent me and, indeed, Kate Spade was on sale! So I bought... TWO! (Thank you, blogging money!)
I woke up to the heavenly smell of leather
and the sound of crinkly tissue paper!
It's such a cute bag!
And it opens up to a tote if you need more space!
One for me and one for my dear dear dearest friend Mariel! I figured she should have a bag that has the same name as hers. Besides, it was her birthday and it was Christmas, too. So Mariel and I both had a merry Christmas!
That's just-woken-up me! Good morning indeed!
I love my new bag. Soooo much! Will post an outfit photo soon!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Bag sadness

Forgive me for being boring but I am seriously in love with these basic black bags:

Mulberry Bayswater, $995

Kate Spade Sutton Place Marielly Cross-Body Bag, $295

I think P43,461.60 is waaaaaay too much for a bag as simple as the Bayswater, and yet because I'm sure I can wear it every single day till forever, the cost per wear definitely makes it very cheap.

Now the Marielly was just love love love. And when I found out that it was selling for $145 last Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, I totally freaked. Sadly, a zillion women must've felt the same way because it was sold out within hours. I found it on eBay but it was sold out within hours, too. I guess it isn't meant to be. Well, P12,885.47 for a simple black bag is a bit too much, no? Yup. Wasn't meant to be!

*photos from Net-a-Porter and Kate Spade