Saturday, November 19, 2011

Funny girl!

This video has been making the rounds on Facebook. I tried not to watch it for fear it may be one of those porn spam everyone's been freaking about (Well, can you blame me? The screen cap showed a really sexy woman!). But after dozens upon dozens of recommendations from FB friends, I watched it and had a good giggle. Meet Ashleyslips:

I love her funny accent and her sense of humor. But I'm totally loving her body! So gorgeous in that bandage dress, which is, by the way, not a hot trend anymore after having been worn to death everywhere. Sad since I was dreaming of wearing one (with chandelier earrings, charm bracelets and sexy heels!) after I got a curvier body, but then I got pregnant. Anyway, back to Ashleyslips. My goodness, those armpits! Some deodorant brand should get her as a model--her pits are perfect!

Since I've only gone dancing twice in my entire life--in 2003 at Malate with Vince (quite hotly!), and in 2005 at Embassy with my friend Kate--I couldn't really relate (though I did find her funny). So I checked out her other videos. While I didn't watch No Other Woman, I find this parody of that silly movie hilarious!

I'm spending the evening watching her other videos. I just know I'll have funny dreams tonight, although I hope I don't wake up with her accent!


  1. Oh my gosh! I was just watching all her videos kagabi! As in I slept na at 3am, kasi naaddict ako lalo na with her: "how to be an action star" skits. Super funny! I was going to blog nga about her sana, pero tinamad ako! This is so funny!

  2. hahaha i also watched that how to dance in a club vid the other day! she's so hilarious i forgot i was working hahaha!

  3. Oh my goodnessss! Hahaha! Hilarious! She's like the woman version of Mike Bustos! "Your awesomeness!" LOL. Thank goodness she doesn't really talk that! And yes, her armpits my gosh. Dying of jealousy!

  4. ang kuleeeet! thanks for sharing... :)

  5. Oh gosh I love this girl! I love her videos! Gorgeous and funny! Such a killer. :)


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