Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Photo shoot with Sara Black and John Pagaduan

Just recently, I decided to have my photos taken because, well, it's my birthday! Since I'm so blessed to have friends who are makeup artists, hairstylists and photographers, I pulled out my phone and started cajoling my friends to make me beautiful. But I seemed to have caught everyone on a very busy time so darn it!

And then Sara Black suddenly texted, "I'm free for 30 minutes on this date. Want to do it then?" Of course I said YES! I called shu uemura's John Pagaduan. He had tons of events that day but he said, "Sure, I'll do your makeup. Your face is easy lang naman!" All my hairstylist friends were fully booked, however, so I had to be content with my flat, lifeless hair.

I spent an hour on John's makeup chair and he transformed me from plain to absolutely amazing! We had so much fun catching up and gossiping. Then off to Sara's studio where she was in the thick of a Mega magazine beauty shoot. As soon as there was a lull in that shoot (the models had to change their makeup), Sara propped a camera in front of my face and started snapping away.

We were done in 20 minutes! And this is what she caught:

There's more photos—with less clothes!—but only Vince gets to see!

Thanks, Sara and John! You made me look beyond fabulous! I'm so lucky to have you as my friends.

To book a photo shoot with Sara Black, go to
To book a makeup session with John Pagaduan, call the shu uemura Learning Atelier at Power Plant Mall:  897-8575


  1. beautiful as ever ms. frances... :))

  2. Ang gandaaaaah!!!!

    Happy birthday Frances!

  3. Very pretty, glowing Momma! Happy birthday Frances!

  4. You look different yet super gorgeous!!! I love the makeup and the hair and the "medyo nude"! ahahhaha too gorgeous! pang magazine to dear and hot momma ka talaga!!!!

  5. OMG!
    you look like a teenager!
    like a budding flower!
    i like how the make-up was done so subtly & it just enhanced your beauty

  6. happy birthday. you are growing younger it seems. and you are very beautiful.

  7. Oh my goodness. You look so pretty! More pictures, please!

  8. You are a natural beauty! I'm sure your pics will blow Vince's socks off!


  9. not just pretty... simply BEAUTIFUL :)

  10. So pretty Ms. Frances!!! at first glance of the photo i thought you're Ms. Claudine Barretto!Gorgeous!!!

  11. Hot, hot, hot!
    Your baby, when he/she grows up, would see that this is how beautiful mommy was when she was carrying me! What a nice birthday gift and remembrance for your child! Wish I did the same -- too bad can't turn back time :)

  12. gorgeous!! that's a very nice present for yourself :)

  13. You don't look 35 and I mean that in a good way. :) Very beautiful birthday picture. Sexy and cute at the same time. You're like a chameleon because your looks change. And they're all gorgeous! I hate you. :)

  14. hot momma ka talaga frances!! *wolf whistle* that's a great birthday present for yourself :D

  15. look so beautiful in this shot. Actually, I think you look beautiful per se :)
    I like how she captured this dreamy expression on your face!
    Hope you and your little jellybean are doing great!

  16. Thiamere, that was what Sara said, "I want you to look like a teenager! Think happy thoughts!" So glad she captured it!

  17. Dea, not just his socks. Everything else got knocked off! ;P

  18. Thanks, everybody! I really do love the photos from this shoot! Glad you like them too =)


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