Friday, November 18, 2011

Recording the passing of the years through really great photos!

Thank you to everybody who loved my photo shoot for my 35th birthday! You are all too kind. Some of you said that an annual photo shoot is a fab birthday gift to oneself. So let me share with you the other photos from the past years.

When I turned 30, I discovered to my delight that I looked better at 30 than I ever did in my teens or 20s. Maybe it was because at 30, I finally started a skin regimen and had my hair done by a real stylist (thanks, Mariel, for nagging me for months to get a makeover and bombarding me with beauty tips and skin products!).

Since then, I've tried to document what I look like around my birthday. I want to see a progression so I'll usually have a photo shoot done around October or November.

31 years old
I was a newlywed here. Vince says I looked my best the first year we were married haha. Must be the honeymoon glow! This is one of my favorite photos ever! It was taken by Willy Saw. I don't remember who did my hair and makeup. The golden brown hair was by Louis Phillip Kee, as always! We shot this at Rustan's Makati because we liked the festive decor. I had just turned 31 here.

32 years old
This was taken by Willy Saw, makeup by Mimie Bautista for L'Oreal Paris and hair by Ogie Rayel. We shot this on a cloudy day by the window of Dimensione at Bonifacio High Street. This was also the last year I was 100 lbs. I miss that waist. I miss those arms!

33 years old
Photo by Willy Saw, makeup by Ces Guerrero, hair by Ogie Rayel. We obviously like working with Willy and Ogie. Willy will not rest until he gets a fantastic shot of you. Ogie knows how to work with hair and personality. He always makes my hair look thick and lush, like he worked in that Bumble and Bumble product Hollywood is crazy about. If you see my hair on a real day, my hair is just the flattest, thinnest, wispiest thing you ever saw! Plus, he keeps my style simple because I'm a no-fuss hair girl. All the other hairstylists always try to give me big curls, which will always always fall flat within 30 minutes.

34 years old
I had given birth just over two months before this shot. I took this photo myself. I came from a photo shoot but didn't really like the results (I looked a decade older) so as soon as I got home, I took out the Olympus, held it at arms' length and shot away. I like the other shots from this on-my-own shoot because some of them really really look like my son, Vito. Yup, because of my chubby cheeks! We have the same eyes and smile. I also like that I don't look 34 although Vince says I look like a toddler here.

35 years old
Photo by Sara Black, makeup by John Pagaduan for shu uemura. You already know the story behind this shoot. Vince says the photos from here are his favorite shots of me yet. Well, he liked the black-and-white nude pic, that's why! I'm already pregnant here so Sara said she wants to take photos of my belly when it becomes huge. I haven't decided yet if I want a preggy photo shoot. What do you think?


  1. know what, in every pictures taken, ndi nagbabago ang features mo and yung ikaw...sana nakuha. hahaha! but i love your face, but i love the picture yung 34, dun ko lang napansin na you bit your lip and it is sooo cute...parang ala lang...nice pics... :D

  2. This is a great idea! I admit, in this digicam age, I fail to appreciate high quality, "studio" photos na.(kasi pwede na i-retake & unlimited shots naman). When I was a little girl my mom used to take me to a nearby studio almost every month to have my picture taken. She still has those photos until now and I couldn't be more thankful. :)

  3. My favorite photo of you is actually the one from your 32nd. :) This is a great idea! I don't think I take decent photos on my birthday. Well, except the ones at home with my family and the cake. This is something I'd like to do, a proper studio shoot! :)

  4. You look amazing, Frances! And it's really wonderful that you have portraits of yourself every year. This is one of the reasons why I love taking portraits of people. I think it is such an awesome gift.

    PS. I think people become more beautiful when they grow older.

    PS2. Go for a maternity shoot! Nothing is sexier and more beautiful than a woman having life inside her. :)

  5. Go for the preggy shot Ate Frances! :) I felt I was sexiest when I was preggy with my twins :)

  6. I say do it! Think later. :) Haha


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