Thursday, November 03, 2011

Preggy and pretty in Mango's F/W 2011 pieces!

Pregnancy is usually not the time in a woman's life that she's deemed fashionable. In all honesty, it's tricky to dress a pregnant body. The swelling tummy, boobies, butt and the fast rate they swell just make dressing up so difficult! That's why a lot of preggy women resort to tents--it's much easier, simpler and doesn't require a lot of thought!

But I can't give up on style, especially since Style Bible included me in their Pregnant & Pretty list the last time I was pregnant. I got a reputation to hold up, darn it! So for this second pregnancy, I had a blast checking out some stylish wear from Mango's Fall/Winter collection. Mango very kindly lent me a few pieces to try out at home and these are the winning looks that I'm imagining will be perfect for the following occasions this Christmas season:

For when I'm out gift shopping
navy-and-white striped knit dress (P2750),
nude sandals (P5,950) 
Totally loving this dress! It's very see-through, though, so you conservative sweethearts might want to wear a slip underneath. As for me, with our weather and the crush of the holiday shoppers, I think the thin and comfy knit is perfect!

blue tote (P1950), aviators (P995), bangles (P845 for two)
The roomy faux leather tote is perfect for shopping! And I love its navy color--classic but not basic. The plastic bangles are fun and pulls the whole look together. And what's more classic than aviators? This look is so simple, easy and stylish!

For Noche Buena
green dress (P3250)
I totally fell in love with this dress! It's so incredibly simple and yet sexy! I can wear it to any family reunion and look covered up enough for the oldies but chic enough to intrigue the younger cousins!

crystal-embellished minaudiere (P5450) 
It's such a pretty dress! I can't get over it. It's the perfect canvas to show off accessories like golden bracelets, bib necklaces or big earrings. For this look, I chose a golden minaudiere studded with crystals.

suede red-and-gold sandals (P5950)
And to complete the whole Noche Buena look, why not a pop of red and gold on my feet? The red suede goes perfectly well with the mossy green of the dress. I love this look!

For parties with friends
red dress (P3250)
Yep, I really loved that green dress that my third look is the same dress but in red! 

By the way, that's how you're supposed to sit on a bar stool--the toe of your shoe supports your balance. Do not hook your heel on the bar because if you lose your balance or need to get away from a pesky drunk, that heel will get you in trouble. Oh, and keep knees together!

Back to the dress! The material of this dress is gorgeous. I'm an absolute sucker for quality cloth. A lot of dresses look pretty in photos but if you look closely, the material is cheap and thin. Not very nice. But because the cloth quality of this dress is amazing, the red is vibrant and deep. You should see it in real life--the red makes you stand out!

sunglasses (P1450)
Big shades are a must! I always love how shades make you look like a celebrity instantly!

bangles (P845, set of two)
And for a pop of color, I am loving these sunny yellow bangles! They just really complete the whole look.

leopard platforms (P5450)
And because it's the festive season and you're with friends, do offset the simplicity of the dress with some wild footwear! I chose leopard print (haha, that's as wild as I can get!) but you can pair this dress with sky high heels, graphic art platforms, peep-toe booties or just about anything!

Aren't these Mango outfits fantabulous?! Now remember: These are the looks I picked because I had a big tummy. But if you're--sigh!--gorgeously slim or curvy, Mango's F/W line is spilling over with sexy knits, dazzling evening wear, romantic dresses, tailored pieces, and all sorts of wondrous things! I can't wait to shop for my old body again, which will be in 2013!

Thanks, Mango! Now I know what I want for my birthday--that red dress! Or maybe the green. But the blue one is pretty, too! Ladies, what do you think?

UPDATE: My hair is not real! Click here!


  1. I didn't know Mango's line can double as maternity clothes. Totally loving the blue and the green dresses. :)

  2. My first thought was: When did Frances get a Jacobsen Egg Chair? Haha. Second: I didn't realize your hair was so long na! And lastly: You look great in all three.:D

  3. Preggy and pretty talaga! Fab, fab, fab! :) I need those leopard peep-toes.

  4. "chic enough to intrigue the younger cousins"

    got me cracking up! hahahaha! i love this post Frances. I'm not pregnant but I really do love your taste in fashion. <3

  5. the navy dress looks really pretty!! :) yes definitely pregnant and pretty!! :)

  6. those dresses are so wow! if i were to choose, i'd get the green and striped dresses. but it's kind of hard to choose just one, they're all so pretty. :)

  7. Frances, blooming ka teh! Are you still having morning sickness? Parang ang gaan gaan ng hitsura mo here =)

    I like the red dress on you! =D

  8. you are so adorable Frances :) bagay sayo lahat... hulaan ko gender ng 2nd baby, girl... kasi blooming ka- ganun daw yun :)

  9. I love the green dress! :) Are those your hair extensions? You look so blooming!

  10. hi! I'm reading this post and looking at your pictures but i keep wondering are you pregnant? gosh you look stunning with dresses, nagiisip tuloy ako what you eat during your pregnancy 'cos when I was pregnant I was huge, I gained 20kilos!! anyway, i love your green and red dresses. take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

  11. You pose like a pro! I love all the outfits, especially the first one. Oh, and I love the Egg chair.


  12. OMG Ms. Frances you look fabulous on all the dresses and blooming ka nga ngayon! i like the aviator shades.

    i love the first picture :)

  13. MommyG, during my first pregnancy, I only bought 2 maternity dresses--and I didn't like how fat they made me look!

    Everything else I bought were regular dresses in a larger size. I really believe pregnant women shouldn't resort to "maternity" clothes. I talked about this a lot in my mommy blog. =)

  14. Tisha, I don't have long hair. Apples&Dumplings is right--those are my fabulous Tokyo POSH hair extensions! I talked about them on my beauty blog =)

  15. Fleur, yes, still feeling gross and nauseated. But the morning sickness comes at midnight and early morning so during the day, I'm usually okay =)

  16. Levy, thanks for that but I was also blooming during the first pregnancy and it was a BOY! =)

  17. Prettymeggy, I eat a LOT. But lots of veggies, fish, basta healthy. And I'm just 3 months pregnant.

    Also, I'm actually big now--my OBG is very unhappy. She says kasi pregnant women should only gain 2-3 lbs a month.

    Plus, during the first pregnancy, I only started to show when I was 5 months along. Now, I started showing at 2 months! Second pregnancy daw kasi.

  18. Thanks everybody! Make sure you check out Mango's F/W 2011 Collection. They have much nicer stuff but since I'm pregnant, I couldn't fit into them =)

  19. i love the blue and white navy stripped knit dress and the red dress as well... you look fabulous. parang ndi preggy. :))

  20. ms frances i just have to say that ur the prettiest & most fab preggy i have ever seen! u look great in all dresses :)

  21. You look gorgeous Frances! ;-) Prayers for complete healing of your SCH and a healthy baby and pregnancy! ;-) Mango clothing - drool, drool, drool!

  22. You're such a pretty preggy momma! Love the green dress!

  23. Preggy and gorgeous, F! Hope to bump into you soon! It's almost your birthday! :)


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