Friday, October 26, 2012

Topaz Fashion: What I wore on random days

These are from random days from the past 2 weeks. I didn't post them because they're bad outfit shots. Ya know, bad because you don't see the whole outfit or it's too dark or my face is weird. If Tyra Banks were to judge these photos, she'd say I didn't showcase the products and that's a bad fashion photo haha.

I am never going to be a fashion blogger this way! Not that I even want that but I really should at least try to do good shots, right, if I'm to do this Topaz Fashion feature. Anyway! Let's dive in!

Here I am at the Kiehl's boutique opening at Power Plant. I'm wearing a Forever 21 tank top, a Zara color-block skirt, Lacoste ballet flats and my Anne Klein bracelet watch that Vince gave me for my 30th birthday. My bag is the tan Frances Sales satchel. 

To the office on a regular day (no meetings and events). I'm wearing a Uniqlo dress worn as a top, Guess skinny jeans, Lacoste ballet flats, Karimadon woven belt, Vince's Nautica leather-strap watch and carrying a Fino satchel.

Lunch date with Vince... and Vito! It was just supposed to be Vince and me, that's why I brought out my flirting outfit but just as we were going out the door, Vito rushed to me carrying his Toms corduroy shoes and begged to come along. So the three of us had a nice lunch while IƱigo stayed home napping. I'm wearing an Ojay raw silk blouse, Frou Frou embroidered shorts, Kenneth Cole slingbacks and carrying my favorite Longchamp clutch (hidden by Vito's head).

Playdate at Vito's friend's house then shopping for Halloween costumes at Toy Kingdom. I'm wearing a very slimming Karimadon jumpsuit, Charles & Keith orange T-strap sandals and Vince's Skagen watch. Not pictured is the Cuzo black nylon tote that I use as a diaper bag

Okidoki, that's this week's Topaz Fashion! I'll really try for fashion-y poses and photos and facial expressions, ya know, like deep-in-thought pouts or staring off in the distance dreamily or touching my hair absently or clasping at my heel... Actually, I think I'll stick with my silly simple photos! 

Happy Friday! Enjoy the loooong weekend!


  1. I like these less-glamorous (in a good way) OOTD posts you've been doing lately.

    Coz in reality, not every day is dress-to-the-nines day.

  2. Love this series, Frances. You don't need to be like the fashion bloggers, it's refreshing to know how you dress up for your everyday occasions. You're looking great :)

  3. Love the first one. You look sooooo young, pretty and fresh! Kyootness!

  4. frances, i wonder how your closet looks like.
    i hope you can blog about that. my very few clothes are everywhere

    1. It's very scary. Very scary. Huge mess. I'm the messiest person in the world! That's one of my resolutions—to finally organize my closet and NOT BUY ANYTHING AFTER!!! I organize my closet twice a year (summer and just before New Year) and donate/sell my clothes/shoes/bags/etc. But whatever I earn and whatever space I create from the purge, I completely undo by buying replacements!!! So bad. I really really really want to stop this bad habit!!!

  5. Truly enjoying your version of fashion friday posts. Looking forward to more!:)

  6. Love the second and third outfits! :)

  7. I agree with Rae completely. :) It's refreshing to see "realistic" outfits.


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